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What tools to carry?

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  • What tools to carry?

    After my recent breakdown along the 15 freeway, I realized I need to carry a few more tools with me. What are the essentials that you guys take with you in your 7's?
    I made up a kit with a metric set of sockets, allen wrenches, adjustable wrench, combination screw driver, zip ties, plier/wire cutter, wire, knife, jack, and fuses. Anything I'm missing?
    BTW, I'm embarrassed to say my breakdown was a result of a blown 15 amp fuse. I looked, but not close enough! Even had spares with me. :oops:


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    Duct tape!! Everthing else is optional :idea:


    P.S.: honestly, I normally carry a small 1/4" and a larger 1/2" socket set (metric) with the usual wrenches, screwdrivers and pliers/cutters. But all I ever used on the road so far was indeed the duct tape. :roll:


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      Spare throttle cable.


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        OK, I'll add duct tape and spare throttle cable.

        There is an interesting post on the Birkin forum where Steve, the previous owner of my car, had the throttle cable break. He parked the car, took off the steering wheel (removable), went home to get a spare cable, returned to the car but forgot the steering wheel at home. He was able to drive home without the steering wheel as he said it was fairly easy to steer with just the hub!



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          A lightweight space efficeint favorite of mine is my AAA card.

          A visegrips might also be useful when the steering wheel is absent; although it probably buggers the teeth on the hub. 8)


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            I've had my throttle cable snap twice and get stuck once. Managed to fix it with a leatherman. I dont know about LHD cars but in my car the cable takes a wicked kink as it goes into the pedalbox.
            I always carry my AAA premium card.