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Speedo angle drive replacement

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  • Speedo angle drive replacement

    Had to replace the speedo cable. In order to gain access I had to remove the angle drive from the gear box. Came off with a tug, but predictably replacing it is another matter altogether! Not enough room between box and tunnel wall to get a straight enough shot to insert the quill of the angle drive into the box. Looks like I may have luck if I can remove the circlip holding the connector to the gearbox first. Will try that tomorrow once I purchase a circlip removing tool. Accessibility may still be an issue though.

    Failing that my 2 options appear to be lowering the gearbox or cutting a hole in the transmission tunnel and accessing from the cockpit and either screwing a plate over the hole or using a grommet thingy.

    Anyone run into this problem?


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    On mine the angle drive is threaded onto a brass piece that is held in by the circlip.

    I also seem to recall my car already had a hole/grommet for access but will have to look to be certain. It might be on the reverse lamp switch I'm thinking of.

    I have a spare brass gearbox to angle drive fitting if you bunged yours up. It easy to do which is why I have the spare.

    I have successfully removed the circlip and angle drive with the the transmission in place so you should be able to do it.



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      Under parts wanted I posted a request for a right angle speedometer drive which I broke. It is for a Cortina engined, T-9 Ford 5 speed trans driving a VDO Speedometer.
      If you have that drive and are willing to part with it, much obliged. Let me know if you have and how much


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        The spare bit I have is not the angle drive but the brass adapter, at least that's what I think I have.

        Is your's a cable drive speedometer or electronic?

        You may be able to get them from Caterham too.

        Send me a photo doug at tidsales dot com