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reputable welder reference in SoCal, please

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  • reputable welder reference in SoCal, please

    I will need to have a simple welding repair made to my front ARB (sway bar). The previous weld fractured. It should be a simple job - steel tube to steel tube, needing prep, re-weld, and maybe some black paint. Should be relatively simple.

    edit -- Car is currently in OC (Costa Mesa).
    Last edited by Sean; June 11, 2013, 09:53 AM.
    | | Sean

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    Hi Sean,
    Read your post and may I suggest you replace the failed part instead of doing the repair.
    The reason I say this is a weld is usually stronger than the parent material and in a sway bar the stress can be very high when under load.
    I would also recommend that you look into a solid sway bar as a replacement as a hollow sway bar that is not a straight tube with arms on it (the type where the arm is used to twist the tube) but are the type where the tube is shaped and flattened at the connecting link are known to fail in the bent sections from time to time.
    As for a good welder most good machine shops in your local area can tell you who to take it to if they can not do the welding for you.
    Hope this helps.
    Martin Keller
    Ventura, Ca.


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      to expand on Martin's concern: I am not sure if you want to really weld the ARB itself. That is hardened and tempered spring steel and can not be welded as such (or lose the temper). But maybe you are looking for a peripheral part?


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        Uh... it is a welded part. That is the design. The tube part that rotates does so in between two blocks on either end with "c" cut-outs, like bearing blocks. Sometimes these blocks bind, and the weld or another part of the arm breaks. Anyway, I hoped to not have to explain in great detail the intricacies of the Freestyle ARB design, and just get a simple reference. I do appreciate your concern, but all that I'm seeking is to have a weld that broke re-welded.
        | | Sean


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          Never mind, I am an amateur :) I am only familiar with the solid spring steel ARB rods. You surely should not weld that.


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            The company doing my exhaust is in Costa Mesa, named CPR Fabrications, 1021 18th St. The owner is Chris Powell. Call 'em up and ask. Tell 'em you're a Caterham guy. Or they will surely be able to send you on to someone nearby who can do the job.

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              After further consideration, I have decided instead to simply disconnect the ARB for the drive home, and have it fixed/replaced after returning (Meteor Motorsports now supplies the Freestyle-style front ARBs for Sevens, I understand). Thanks to all for the helpful suggestions.
              | | Sean


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                John West at Dan Fink Metalworks in Huntington Beach. He did Magnus rollcage and comes highly recommended. But probably a moot point now that you've decided otherwise.

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                  Sorry for not getting back to you on this. John West is the fabricator I use when I need things done on my cage, frame, or alu skin.