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AMP 16 pin male connect

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  • AMP 16 pin male connect

    Who knows where I can find the AMP 16 pin male connector to hook up with its mate at the chassis? I already have the pins but, need the other parts to the assembly.

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    amp connector

    I was able to get a sample from Tyco. You might want to try that route. Unfortunatly I don't have the part number. I do have a spare connector I could send you, but it is in storage at the moment. I could probably get to it in a couple weeks.

    Another option would be to remove the connector all together, or go to a different connector. If I was going to do it over again, i would either change connectors or at the very least rewire the chassis one as it ended up having too much wire.


    Tom "ELV15" Jones


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      AMP connector

      I had help from a friend, who has a PhD in power electronics and excellent crimping skills, and I've already had the proper pins crimped to the wires and have inserted them into the female portion of the connector. The connection has survived a couple thousand miles and is still holding.

      I considered using a different connector altogether but, at the time, was lucky enough to at least get the right pins, samples through the same friend, to make it work and get the car registered.

      At this point I only need the male half of the assembly. I would be thrilled to have, as well, to pay for, the parts you say you have.

      The car is operational so, I'm in no rush and can wait until it's convenient for you to gather up what you have and send it to me.

      I'll send a private e-mail with my mailing address and we can work it out from there... if that's cool with you.




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        ScottE: Would you care to join us @ the Streets of Willow for some fun the last weekend of september :?: