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    I just figured out that the doors on my CSR, when removed and folded in half, fit quite nicely when placed vertically behind each seat. I assume this would apply to all SV series Caterhams. My recognition skills may be a little slow, but this was a nice answer that resolves at least one question for long drives.
    Still in the massive grin stage. Damn bugs

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    What is this thing you call.... doors?


    The funny thing is my wife goes " What is that car a Morgan ? " and I said "No that's a Caterham but there is a Morgan driving it " -delise


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      Originally posted by mopho View Post
      What is this thing you call.... doors? .
      A necessity in Seattle, especially for any winter drives.
      Still in the massive grin stage. Damn bugs


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        doors versus wind deflector

        Originally posted by Lucky Dawg View Post
        A necessity in Seattle, especially for any winter drives.
        To elaborate a little on your post about the doors I confirm that for long drive the doors are a must since the wind deflectors are kind of useless, unless you can figure out a way to open them more they are not much help (but they look good).

        While waiting for a huge a number of lotus fan on the LOTUS corral at the laguna seca races (incidently only David showed up and by the way nice meeting you!) I had the chance to spot a Cobra with interesting wind deflectors mounting that allow you to open up the angle and therefore making them useful. I took some picture and will post them on the forum asa i can figure out how to do it.

        Be at the races again tomorrrow at lotus corral green parking, my licence plate is: NUMERO 6.

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          Perhaps Slomove can post a photo of his wind deflectors. I believe he may still be on his trip to Canada or someplace north

          I found a photo here


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            I am back....3 and a half days and 1500 miles, half of that towing. Total trip 4500 miles in 17 days. Enough driving for now but it was a fabulous trip.

            Since we had a few days of rain, one day heavy and for hours, I can attest to the effectiveness of the sidescreens (or half doors, wind deflectors or what you want to call it). Actually I am already on the 3rd generation although the same principle. The frame is now thin wall stainless tubing and the "glass" is 2mm PETG. similar to Lexan but much easier to bend around the tubes with hot air. The plastic needs anyway replacement every couple of years due to the impact damage of rocks. But it is cheap.

            I never liked the typical Seven-style '"doors" because of the claustrophobic effect that spoils the open-air feel. Therefore I made the side screens fully transparent and flared out for more elbow room. Light drizzle and rain is no problem. Heavy rain, snow or hail needs the half hood that rolls up against the roll bar. We don't get wet in any kind of weather in spite of the large side and rear openings. The only problem that remains is the spray mist of other cars and especially trucks that just wafts in everywhere on a really wet road.

            Disadvantage: you can not buy them.

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