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    My brake lights no longer work. Using the search feature in BC revealed the problem to be a common one, and the standard brake light switch is typically the cause as long as the reverse light is working (they share a fuse). But even after removing, dis-assembling, cleaning and aligning the contacts, re-assembling, and re-installing, my brake lights still don't work.

    So I ordered a new and (I'm hoping) more robust brake light switch - a Beck/Arnley 2010825. Should be here in a few days.
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    My brake lights and reverse light don't share a fuse, I found this out after I replaced the switch

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      Originally posted by mopho View Post
      My brake lights and reverse light don't share a fuse, I found this out after I replaced the switch
      From what I've read, that is unusual. But something being unusual is common with these cars, so...

      One of the local auto parts stores that I called has a suitable replacement switch at their warehouse, so I asked them to get it for me, and expect to pick it up this afternoon/evening. It was a little over twelve bucks all-in, which is within a dollar of the cost of the one found on-line. I'll keep the one that I ordered on-line as a spare. That one is scheduled to be delivered to my home on Wednesday of next week! I don't want to wait that long.

      edit -- Worth noting that the local auto parts store quoted $20-something bucks +tax for the switch when I asked for one to suit a 1980 Volvo 242, but the same store quoted $11-something when I called later and asked for one to suit a 1974 BMW 3.0CSi. The Beck/Arnley 201-0825 applications sheet lists the part as suitable for either of those cars. I expected they might price them differently, but I thought the quote for a beemer would be higher than for a 242. Wacky.
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        There is a generic switch that fits many cars. Back to a 1953 Oldsmoblie, or was it a Studebaker? Maybe both.

        Niehoff SL31181 is the current on I have.