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  • Mag wheel refurbishing

    Turns out my tire did not have a puncture at all, but rather my L/F Barnby 3-piece mag has developed a leak - leaking air at the joint of the two aluminum halves at the center of the wheel. I was overdue for refurbishing them anyway, I reckon. This should be fun...
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    You probably know this but if not kindly note that the Barnbys have been known to crack at the spokes. Stokes went through about 4 (not including the crash related failures :-O). So while you're down there give em all a good looking over.
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      Yes, I have read about the cracks and failures that sometimes occurred prior to the re-design of the centers, though I'm not sure exactly when that happened. Anyway, I have not heard of any recently, have you?

      I figure all four (4) are due to be dis-assembled, stripped with aluminum oxide, crack tested, re-chromated, re-painted, and re-assembled.
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        The problem may be that the goo between the wheel peices is no longer holding air, which would not be hard to fix.

        A few years ago a moronic tire changer here in SD buggered one the aluminum outer peices on a Barnby wheel whilst attempting to forcibly change a tire and, of course, denied that he had done it! My solution was to send the peice to Bogart wheels to have another made. This was done and I have had no furtther problems. I also had the outer peices made to change the rim width from 6.5" to 8.0" with no issues, to date. Considering the cost of trying to replace a Barnby wheel, it was not that expensive; maybe $100-150 per wheel. Bogart is located in Phoenix and has a website.


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          Yes, I realize that I could just put in more sealant at the seam to resolve the leak issue, but the centers need to be checked and re-finished anyway. I'm hoping to find someplace local that might have some experience at this, but if I cannot, thanks for the tip on Bogart.
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            According to their website Bogart Wheels does fix damaged and repair wheels needing help. Refinishing should be well within their capabilities.

            I was impressed with the quality and precision with which my pieces were manufactured. Also, they used spun aluminum, same as Barnby. My pal David Laird has bought a lot of wheels from Bogart for his 7s; so they are not new to our little niche market.

            Would absolutely use them again. First.


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              You could also try Jongbloed in Morgan Hill. They refurbished my F2K wheels like new.


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                A friend who is into the vintage racing scene (he has a 70s F1 car and a CanAm car) recommended a guy earlier this week, so I made an appointment with him. Just need to get the tires off, dis-assemble the wheels, and deliver the mag centers to him. While he reconditions the centers, I will clean the rim halves and get some new bright zinc plated 12.9 socket head cap screws, washers, NyLock nuts, and silicone for re-assembly. Then I'll look into getting some R888s.

                Thanks all for the tips. I can see this thread as being potentially useful to me in the future, and hopefully to others.
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                  Polisher. :-D
                  A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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                    Turns out finding a place to strip and re-chromate the centers was not nearly as difficult as finding some zinc plated 12.9 M6x1.0-25 SHC screws. I found a supplier for some un-plated ones (Mr. Metric), and am looking into having them plated - waiting for a quote on that now - but I could not locate any off-the-shelf suppliers in the U.S. They need to be plated to prevent reacting with the magnesium.
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                      Shop our large selection of socket head cap screws, or allen screws, at AFT Fasteners. Over 13,000 socket head screws in all sizes, materials and styles.

                      Not sure if these guys will sell you a small quantity, but it may be worth looking into.


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                        Thanks Geoff. I sent them a RFQ for the zinc plated 12.9 SHCSs, but too late to hear back until tomorrow.

                        Mr. Metric never replied to the RFQ I sent them yesterday morning (I called them as well).
                        McMaster catalog/web page does not list them.
                        Grainger catalog/web page does not list them.
                        MSC catalog/web page does not list them.
                        Olander catalog/web page does not list them.
                        And I didn't see them at OSH either.
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                          I went home and checked my Carroll Smith book

                          Here's a few more to try:

                          Global Metrics Inc. (located in the bay area)
                          519 Marine View St
                          Ste K
                          Belmont, CA 94002

                 (Though I didn't see a 12.9 zinc in their catalog-only 8.8)

                          That wouldn't happen to be the OSH on San Carlos, would it?


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                            McMaster Carr caries metric zinc plated capscrews in the 12.9 alloy steel.
                            Metric Zinc-Coated Class 12.9 Alloy Steel.
                            Here is a list of the part numbers and a link to the page.

                            McMaster-Carr is the complete source for your plant with over 595,000 products. 98% of products ordered ship from stock and deliver same or next day.

                            Class 12.9 screws are high strength and coated with a layer of zinc for rust resistance. Size M3 screws are zinc plated; all other sizes have a coating of zinc flake, which provides 600 hours of salt spray resistance. All screws are fully threaded and have a Class 5g6g thread fit. They have a minimum Rockwell hardness of C37 and tensile strength of 174,000 psi. Dimensions meet DIN 912/ISO 4762. Screw length is measured from under the head.
                            mm Pkg.
                            Qty. Per
                            M3—Pitch: 0.5 mm
                            6 50 95263A110 $5.66
                            8 50 95263A122 5.93
                            10 50 95263A134 6.27
                            12 50 95263A146 6.55
                            16 25 95263A158 3.90
                            M4—Pitch: 0.7 mm
                            6 50 95263A221 5.03
                            8 50 95263A234 6.72
                            10 50 95263A247 5.86
                            12 50 95263A260 6.67
                            16 50 95263A273 6.37
                            20 50 95263A286 7.57
                            M5—Pitch: 0.8 mm
                            10 50 95263A332 8.13
                            12 50 95263A346 8.14
                            14 25 95263A360 5.07
                            16 25 95263A374 4.34
                            20 25 95263A388 4.65
                            25 25 95263A402 4.86
                            mm Pkg.
                            Qty. Per
                            M6—Pitch: 1 mm
                            12 25 95263A516 $5.38
                            16 25 95263A531 5.48
                            20 25 95263A546 5.69
                            25 25 95263A561 6.62
                            30 25 95263A576 8.05
                            M8—Pitch: 1.25 mm
                            16 25 95263A605 9.34
                            20 10 95263A619 4.73
                            25 10 95263A633 4.31
                            30 10 95263A647 4.50
                            35 10 95263A661 4.87
                            40 10 95263A675 9.47
                            mm Pkg.
                            Qty. Per
                            M10—Pitch: 1.5 mm
                            20 10 95263A735 $6.02
                            25 10 95263A743 6.13
                            30 10 95263A751 7.46
                            35 10 95263A759 10.10
                            40 10 95263A767 11.14
                            M12—Pitch: 1.75 mm
                            25 5 95263A846 7.00
                            30 5 95263A859 7.16
                            40 5 95263A872 7.42
                            50 5 95263A885 8.84
                            Martin Keller
                            Ventura, Ca.


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                              Thanks you guys. Just checked my McMaster book, and it is from 1996! Maybe I should get a newer one...
                              AFT contacted me, and will be sending a quote this morning.
                              Yes, the OSH on San Carlos.

                              edit -- AFT came back with a quote, and I placed an order. Minimum quantity was 100, so I bought 200 (3 x the 64 required for 4 wheels = 192 + 8 spares). Thanks again.
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