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  • Mag wheel refurbishing

    Turns out my tire did not have a puncture at all, but rather my L/F Barnby 3-piece mag has developed a leak - leaking air at the joint of the two aluminum halves at the center of the wheel. I was overdue for refurbishing them anyway, I reckon. This should be fun...
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    You probably know this but if not kindly note that the Barnbys have been known to crack at the spokes. Stokes went through about 4 (not including the crash related failures :-O). So while you're down there give em all a good looking over.
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      Yes, I have read about the cracks and failures that sometimes occurred prior to the re-design of the centers, though I'm not sure exactly when that happened. Anyway, I have not heard of any recently, have you?

      I figure all four (4) are due to be dis-assembled, stripped with aluminum oxide, crack tested, re-chromated, re-painted, and re-assembled.
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        The problem may be that the goo between the wheel peices is no longer holding air, which would not be hard to fix.

        A few years ago a moronic tire changer here in SD buggered one the aluminum outer peices on a Barnby wheel whilst attempting to forcibly change a tire and, of course, denied that he had done it! My solution was to send the peice to Bogart wheels to have another made. This was done and I have had no furtther problems. I also had the outer peices made to change the rim width from 6.5" to 8.0" with no issues, to date. Considering the cost of trying to replace a Barnby wheel, it was not that expensive; maybe $100-150 per wheel. Bogart is located in Phoenix and has a website.


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          Yes, I realize that I could just put in more sealant at the seam to resolve the leak issue, but the centers need to be checked and re-finished anyway. I'm hoping to find someplace local that might have some experience at this, but if I cannot, thanks for the tip on Bogart.
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            According to their website Bogart Wheels does fix damaged and repair wheels needing help. Refinishing should be well within their capabilities.

            I was impressed with the quality and precision with which my pieces were manufactured. Also, they used spun aluminum, same as Barnby. My pal David Laird has bought a lot of wheels from Bogart for his 7s; so they are not new to our little niche market.

            Would absolutely use them again. First.


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              You could also try Jongbloed in Morgan Hill. They refurbished my F2K wheels like new.


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                A friend who is into the vintage racing scene (he has a 70s F1 car and a CanAm car) recommended a guy earlier this week, so I made an appointment with him. Just need to get the tires off, dis-assemble the wheels, and deliver the mag centers to him. While he reconditions the centers, I will clean the rim halves and get some new bright zinc plated 12.9 socket head cap screws, washers, NyLock nuts, and silicone for re-assembly. Then I'll look into getting some R888s.

                Thanks all for the tips. I can see this thread as being potentially useful to me in the future, and hopefully to others.
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                  Polisher. :-D
                  A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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                    Turns out finding a place to strip and re-chromate the centers was not nearly as difficult as finding some zinc plated 12.9 M6x1.0-25 SHC screws. I found a supplier for some un-plated ones (Mr. Metric), and am looking into having them plated - waiting for a quote on that now - but I could not locate any off-the-shelf suppliers in the U.S. They need to be plated to prevent reacting with the magnesium.
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                      Not sure if these guys will sell you a small quantity, but it may be worth looking into.


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                        Thanks Geoff. I sent them a RFQ for the zinc plated 12.9 SHCSs, but too late to hear back until tomorrow.

                        Mr. Metric never replied to the RFQ I sent them yesterday morning (I called them as well).
                        McMaster catalog/web page does not list them.
                        Grainger catalog/web page does not list them.
                        MSC catalog/web page does not list them.
                        Olander catalog/web page does not list them.
                        And I didn't see them at OSH either.
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                          I went home and checked my Carroll Smith book

                          Here's a few more to try:

                          Global Metrics Inc. (located in the bay area)
                          519 Marine View St
                          Ste K
                          Belmont, CA 94002


                 (Though I didn't see a 12.9 zinc in their catalog-only 8.8)

                          That wouldn't happen to be the OSH on San Carlos, would it?


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                            McMaster Carr caries metric zinc plated capscrews in the 12.9 alloy steel.
                            Metric Zinc-Coated Class 12.9 Alloy Steel.
                            Here is a list of the part numbers and a link to the page.


                            Class 12.9 screws are high strength and coated with a layer of zinc for rust resistance. Size M3 screws are zinc plated; all other sizes have a coating of zinc flake, which provides 600 hours of salt spray resistance. All screws are fully threaded and have a Class 5g6g thread fit. They have a minimum Rockwell hardness of C37 and tensile strength of 174,000 psi. Dimensions meet DIN 912/ISO 4762. Screw length is measured from under the head.
                            mm Pkg.
                            Qty. Per
                            M3—Pitch: 0.5 mm
                            6 50 95263A110 $5.66
                            8 50 95263A122 5.93
                            10 50 95263A134 6.27
                            12 50 95263A146 6.55
                            16 25 95263A158 3.90
                            M4—Pitch: 0.7 mm
                            6 50 95263A221 5.03
                            8 50 95263A234 6.72
                            10 50 95263A247 5.86
                            12 50 95263A260 6.67
                            16 50 95263A273 6.37
                            20 50 95263A286 7.57
                            M5—Pitch: 0.8 mm
                            10 50 95263A332 8.13
                            12 50 95263A346 8.14
                            14 25 95263A360 5.07
                            16 25 95263A374 4.34
                            20 25 95263A388 4.65
                            25 25 95263A402 4.86
                            mm Pkg.
                            Qty. Per
                            M6—Pitch: 1 mm
                            12 25 95263A516 $5.38
                            16 25 95263A531 5.48
                            20 25 95263A546 5.69
                            25 25 95263A561 6.62
                            30 25 95263A576 8.05
                            M8—Pitch: 1.25 mm
                            16 25 95263A605 9.34
                            20 10 95263A619 4.73
                            25 10 95263A633 4.31
                            30 10 95263A647 4.50
                            35 10 95263A661 4.87
                            40 10 95263A675 9.47
                            mm Pkg.
                            Qty. Per
                            M10—Pitch: 1.5 mm
                            20 10 95263A735 $6.02
                            25 10 95263A743 6.13
                            30 10 95263A751 7.46
                            35 10 95263A759 10.10
                            40 10 95263A767 11.14
                            M12—Pitch: 1.75 mm
                            25 5 95263A846 7.00
                            30 5 95263A859 7.16
                            40 5 95263A872 7.42
                            50 5 95263A885 8.84
                            Martin Keller
                            Ventura, Ca.


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                              Thanks you guys. Just checked my McMaster book, and it is from 1996! Maybe I should get a newer one...
                              AFT contacted me, and will be sending a quote this morning.
                              Yes, the OSH on San Carlos.

                              edit -- AFT came back with a quote, and I placed an order. Minimum quantity was 100, so I bought 200 (3 x the 64 required for 4 wheels = 192 + 8 spares). Thanks again.
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