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spare wheel carrier

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  • spare wheel carrier

    Anybody use the spare wheel carrier? I have 13" wheels and just tried to mount my tire, using the "Y" bracket and it does not fit....if I screw the "Y" bracket into the car, the tire is about an inch off of the license plate carrier frame. I'm thinking of fabricating a spacer of some sorts, but would love to hear if someone had already solved this one.


    Tom "ELV15" Jones

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    A tube of flat-tire spray...

    /Magnus F.


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      spare tire

      Hi Magnus,

      I'll carry a can, but I am planning on doing the USA2005 tour and would like to carry a full spare. Besides I have the carrier for a spare and it looks dorkey without a tire on it. One dude actually thought it was a bumper :!:

      Having a bit more metal/rubber between me and a large SUV would not hurt either. :shock: :shock:

      I'm open to suggestions ....


      Tom "ELV15" Jones


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        Just removed my spare carrier. Looks much better without and less ballast. I don't have much hope that the spare wheel makes for much of a difference in a rear ender accident. Anything beyond 10mph and the tank gets squished. Don't need an SUV, a Civic is totally up to the job (ask me how I know).

        The risk on the road was more reason for me to buy that racing fuel cell than the track.

        For the USA2005 trip I may put the carrier back on (it's bolted on the Birkin) but I am probably going to use it for the baggage. The foam goo bottle will have to do and I found out that my car runs pretty well with no air in one tire. The sidewalls on my Bridgestone street tires appear to be quite stiff.



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          I drove from Toronto to Santa Barbara and wouldn't do it without a spare. Mine came with 16"s but i now run 13"s most of the time. I just cut some rubber hose and zip tied it to the carrier.
          It works.
          Can't seem to upload the photo of it though.