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Nose badge location, please?

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  • Nose badge location, please?

    Decided to put the nose badge on my car. Can somebody tell me how far back the center of the badge is from the front of the nosecone, please? Doesn't need to be a super-accurate measurement, but if I'm going to be drilling a hole, I'd like it to at least be reasonably close to the standard factory location.

    As a suggested method of measuring, I intend to use a seamstress's measuring tape to measure from the plane formed by the front surface of the nosecone back to the drillin' point, which will obviously be centered in the L/R direction.

    Thanks in advance...
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    About 8 inches from the front of the nose



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      Wow, a photo even! Thank you, sir.

      edit -- Bob Simon told me his badge measures 14.625" from the leading edge of the nosecone! I figured it would vary from car to car, but wasn't expecting such a large difference.

      edit again -- I mis-read Bob's sentence. He measured 14.625 from the leading edge of the bonnet, which is 8" from the front of the nosecone, same as Doug's. Oops.
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        Put the vintage Caterham nose badge on, and finally took a few photos of it today. I was going to make the obvious joke here about the first photo, but nah; it's too easy.

        The silver and black badges are damn near impossible to get a good photograph of, at least with my camera abilities.
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