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Rear License Plate attachments?

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  • Rear License Plate attachments?

    Anyone have suggestions for attaching the rear license plate? The kit from Caterham contains what looks like Euro plate attachments. Thanks. Official importer of the Zenos E10 Your USA dealer for Levante Cars, Origin Cars, Minotaur Racing, Sadev Gearboxes, RST V8 Engines, and more... How fast do you want to go?

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    What ever Doug tells you, don't listen to him, his plate is always hanging off the car :D

    The funny thing is my wife goes " What is that car a Morgan ? " and I said "No that's a Caterham but there is a Morgan driving it " -delise


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      Hi Randy;

      I can come by late on Saturday afternoon or during the day on Sunday and we can figure something out. I think we can make it be neat and clean.

      Give me a call to set up a time.


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        My plate is not hanging off the car, it does dual function as a G Meter. It was designed that way.

        I removed my spare tire carrier and mounted the plate thru the hole for the retaining bolt.

        I got a Ford Cobra style license plate mounting kit. The tread size is the same as used on a lamp base, threaded tube is readily available so you can pass the wire to the light thru it.


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          I made a bracket from some scrap sheet Al, mounted on the LP light bracket. I have heard of others bolting directly to the rear skin. Anything goes.
          | | Sean


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            I just set 4 rivnuts into the skin and fastened a stainless frame from the auto store with #8 screws. I did mount several white LED into the slightly tilted frame to avoid the ugly wart for the light.


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              What about Velcro?

              No holes in the skin that way.


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                Originally posted by Doug Liedblad View Post
                What about Velcro?

                No holes in the skin that way.
                That's what I did. Absolutely no problems in 7 years.
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                  I did velcro with no issues. However, it is very uncertain who gets custody of my amateur paint job once the velcro and car needs to divorce.

                  /Magnus F.