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Location of visible VIN tag?

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  • Location of visible VIN tag?

    So it seems that the rule is a bit gray, but a new Caterham to be registered in the state of Cali must have the VIN tag approved by the CHP and the rule is that a VIN must be visible on the exterior of the car. And if you don't have an exterior VIN tag, they will add one.

    So maybe it would be prudent to just place a tag on the outside? And if so, where? Anyone have a source for VIN tags? I have a set of metal punches I stamp the VIN on and will be happy to rivet the tag somewhere discrete but visible.

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    Mine is stamped on the lower part of the dash, near steering wheel. Pretty much the exterior on a 7.. You can see it just above the steering wheel
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      How about the bottom left corner of the windshield frame?

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        Mine is only visible if you take off the hood (Bonnet), the other one is behind the dash board, and is only visible if you are a extreme contortionist.
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          As with anything CHP, it seems to depend entirely on the officer you're dealing with, and his/her mood on that particular day.
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