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Fuel filter: source?

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  • Fuel filter: source?

    Looking to replace the fuel filter. Found out it is off of a Rover Metro, and can be found as P/N HFF217 at Halford's, but that isn't much help. Anybody know of a reasonable source for a suitable replacement unit, please?

    Slightly OT - found out today that the RMSCI web page is now defunct, and entering their old url causes multiple pop-up windows.
    | | Sean

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    Wow, no suggestions at all? I was hoping for one of the following replies, or similar:
    A) Same exact filter can be found as P/N 54321 at Pep Boys for around five bucks.

    B) Bin the original and replace with a Filt-R-Matic 5000 from Sumwhar Racing; far superior performance!

    C) Best to contact Caterham/RMSCI/Redline/James Whiting (etc.) for a proven replacement.

    D) Piss off you Irish twit! You've been annoying us all for far too long now.

    I wasn't actually hoping for D, but it would be better than zero replies. :)
    | | Sean


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      Ahhhh...the impatience of youth. :)

      Here's what I should probably double check on your own.

      Cross References for this filter:

      ADL ADG02302
      ADL ADG02303
      AC GF651
      ALCO SP2083
      BOSCH 0986450119
      BOSCH F0119
      CHAMPION L219
      CLEAN MBNA984
      COOPERS FIG7010
      CROSLAND 6709
      DAEWOO 25055129
      DAEWOO 96130396
      DELPHI FF0052
      FIAAM FT5294
      FILTRON PP859
      FORD 1137438
      FRAM G3727
      GM 25055046
      GM 25055052
      GM 25055128
      GM 25055129
      GM 25055480
      GM 25121130
      GM 25121741
      GM 25121792
      GM 25121914
      GM 25121915
      GM 25171109
      ISUZU 8250551290
      JAGUAR CBC7083
      LAND ROVER ESR3117
      LAND ROVER ESR4065
      LAND ROVER NTC6936
      LOTUS A910E6929F
      LUCAS FDB137
      MANN & HUMMEL WK612/2
      MEAT & DORIA 4070
      PBR AG6029
      PUROLATOR F33144
      QH QFF5368
      QH QFF8130
      ROVER ERS3117
      ROVER ERS4065
      ROVER ESR4065
      RYKO Z479
      TJ FF5368
      TJ FF8130
      UFI 31.564.00
      UNIPART GFE7020
      VAUXHALL 25055046
      VAUXHALL 25055052
      VAUXHALL 25055128
      VAUXHALL 25055129
      VAUXHALL 25055480
      VAUXHALL 25121130
      VAUXHALL 25121741
      VAUXHALL 25121792
      VAUXHALL 25121914
      VAUXHALL 25121915
      VAUXHALL 25171109


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        Why do you need one?

        I've never replaced mine so haven't haven't had to solve the problem yet.


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          Thanks, Randall. I didn't even think to search for "filter cross reference" or similar. :( It would seem both A and D are the correct answer! :)

          Doug - Car balks on application of throttle, and is getting incrementally worse.
          | | Sean


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            It's available from Summit Racing and Rock Auto.

            Search on the Fram number.

            I haven't checked Pep Boys yet.

            Randall, thanks for the cross references.

            Free Shipping - Fram Fuel Filters with qualifying orders of $99. Shop Fuel Filters at Summit Racing.

            The Purolator number shows up on too.

            Does it idle OK?


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              Idle has become erratic sometimes, but not always. Easy enough to replace the fuel filter and see what happens.

              Also found: WIX 33481
              Using the Fram and Chevrolet numbers found a number of suitable replacements from many sources where I can get a part same-day, including O'Reilly, NAPA, etc. (and probably Pep Boys too). Thanks again, Randall.

              edit -- step-by-step guide to replacement and important tip on replacing the mounting screws (screw heads) with bolts (hex heads): here for those who need to do this in the future.
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              | | Sean


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                The idle on my car has been intermittently erratic for years. May be a totally different root cause but I know it is not the fuel supply. Fuel pressure is rock solid under all conditions. But I do know that the mixture goes pretty lean on the wideband gage when that happens, usually after some time of driving.

                I suspect a questionable TPS ot maybe some slack in the TB shaft but it is not that bad that I was ever motivated to spend much time on it. I believe it started happening after I power washed the engine compartment (you know I do dirty things with my car).

                Anyway, just saying you could measure the fuel pressure before replacing the filter and to be sure, sync the TBs.


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                  In my case, fuel pressure is known to be inadequate. So filter, pump, and regulator are all suspect to me, in that order. Magnus thought it was the pump, and it may be, but I will check the filter first.
                  | | Sean


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                    Well, that is indeed something to be fixed first.

                    I still bet the idle problem is not the fuel supply but something else. If the filter was clogged to the point that the engine is starved in idle I would believe you could not drive the car at all.


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                      Originally posted by slomove View Post
                      I suspect a questionable TPS ...................... I believe it started happening after I power washed the engine compartment (you know I do dirty things with my car).

                      Murphy's F2000 group raced in the rain at Fontana, at least one of the cars quit on the track because of a wet TPS and two or three others had to replace the TBS after the race. They use the same type as on our cars. Conclusion is they are not water tolerant.


                      Check also for vacuum leaks in the intake. This can cause your symptoms and you might also get a 'lean miss' or backfire or popping thru the intake.

                      For both of you, can your ECU datalog fuel pressure?


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                        I have a precision fuel pressure sensor but it is only hooked up to a dash gage (that doubles as a voltmeter). I could connect it to the ECU but did not see much reason because I can see it anyway and it only changes between 2.58 and 2.63 bar.


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                          Originally posted by Doug Liedblad View Post
                          For both of you, can your ECU datalog fuel pressure?
                          Don't know, but I also have a fuel pressure gauge. Just need to re-route it into the cabin, at least until this issue is solved.
                          | | Sean


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                            Originally posted by Sean View Post
                            Don't know, but I also have a fuel pressure gauge. Just need to re-route it into the cabin, at least until this issue is solved.
                            If it's a mechanical gauge, I recommend that you NOT route it into the cabin. In a catastrophic failure incident, the fuel line/gauge can spray fuel into the cockpit. Add fire to that....