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performance driving schools (slightly off S7's)

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  • performance driving schools (slightly off S7's)

    I've been asked more than once this year to recommend a driving school, by people who want to get a grounding in performance driving, not start racing.
    You, S7 drivers, are the best reference for this I can think of. NASA, AROC, BMWOC, local slalom clubs ? Where would you send the accounting director who just bought an RX8 ?
    Thanks, Brad Baum
    1990 Super Sprint

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    BB: The local SCCA autocrossers occasionally put on one or two day clinics for newbies with instructors. If I see one coming up I'll let you know. He might also attend an autocross and ask for an instructor to ride along. Some in car coaching would help.

    At this weekend's autocross two 7s I'd never seen showed up to join the two Caterham SVs that came from Orange county. Two Brits residing in the Chula Vista area built the cars in their garages. One was a beautifully turned out total home built from the frame up with a weberized zetec. The handmade bonnet with louvers especially impressed me. Terry used Caterham fenders (clamshell) and nosecone to complete the car. Mark bought a MK Indy kit in the UK and built another car to be very proud about. The motor was a Hayabusa installed transversely with the sequential box. These guys are very impressive builder/fabricator/engineer types. We hope to see them strap on their helmets and have some fun with us in the cars. I figure to also invite them on a fall assault of Mt. Palomar. 8)