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  • Bathroom Racing Scales

    I missed out on the opportunity to flatfloor my car with Doug and Michael a few weeks ago.

    But I ran into a special from "Bed Bad and Beyond" at $9.99 each for analog scales. So I rigged up my own racing scales and they turned out to be pretty precise, +/- a few pounds. You can see it here and here .

    If anybody is interested in the future at a track day or so I can bring my new high-tech equipment along for a quick check-up :P Or you can borrow it for free....


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    Hi Gert,

    Is the sale at Bed Bath and Beyond over? I'd be quite interested in a setup like yours.

    Just out of curiosity how well is your car balanced?


    Tom "ELV15" Jones


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      Tom, I don't know. It was not a sale event but the scales were just red-tagged from $20 to $10. These mechanical scales are ultimately not as precise as the digital ones but they hold their tare setting and don't have the blank-out timer that makes the digital scales useless for the car. But I guess in a few years you won't get them anymore.

      I don't know how my setup was in the beginning because I started the session by cranking down the rear shocks a lot. I am now at the lower end stop of the platforms, which gives me almost the rake that I want.

      After that and with 200 pounds of cement bags in the driver seat the balance turned out to be pretty good. Less than 15 pounds off the ideal value on each corner (using a spreadsheet I got somewhere). With a little fine tuning I got the cornerweights now to better than 5 pounds from target value. That is probably as good as the scale accuracy allows for.

      I did some screeching rounds on an empty parking lot. Feels good so far and I have the impression that the oversteer is much better, maybe gone.

      I did that adjustment while I had the boot liner out for my fuel cell installation. Much easier to crank the shock platforms from above.