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    Howdy everyone,

    My alternator is starting to make a noise...sounds like one of the bearings is going out. I'm thinking of rebuilding it myself (bearings are cheap), but I'm also thinking of replacing it. It is a one wire Denso alternator (the sticker claims 55A). Unfortunately I have not been able to locate the exact replacement. This is the closest thing I could find I would need to switch the pulley. I either need to find a replacement alternator that will fit my current mount or buy/make new mounts in addition to getting a new alternator.

    I'm wondering what alternator the other duratec owners are using?


    Tom "ELV15" Jones

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    I have no info on Duratec alternators. But I would not bother rebuilding yourself. The local rebuild shops here in LA will do it for 30-40 bucks. If you consider your time for research, ordering and wrenching it may not be worth it.


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      I agree with Gert.

      Although Wagner alternator is a good source a rebuilder gets the parts at a bigger discount.

      On the other hand Wagner can UPS you the parts if chasing a rebuild shop is a problem. They aren't hard to do yourself.

      Great for starter parts too.

      Rick Wagner was very helpful.