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  • Fuel Cell Installed

    I posted earlier about the racing fuel cell. I the meantime I got it installed, see here .

    I am still not sure if it would fit a Caterham, but maybe the picture can get you an idea.


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    So much for the overnight bag...
    A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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      Slomove: What is the capacity of the tank, and are there any options? Also, does the fuel guage work with your new tank? Did you specify the HP of the fuel pump? Looks like a good and neat installation!! Did you have to provide a "donor tank"?

      Check out your new neighbor!! 8)


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        Brad, the cell takes pretty much 10 gallons from empty, like the stock Birkin tank of same size. However, due to the tap location there is a usable volume of only 9.something gallons. I learned that when I ran out of gas on the freeway on the way back from a blat with the Malibu gang 2 weeks ago. My wife had to come to the rescue.

        The fuel sender is an electronic one (no float) that can be adjusted for empty and full (I did that now....). It works fine with my stock VDO fuel gauge (if you don't have one they are cheap) but unlike a float the sender needs continuous 12V power. I connected that to my fuel pump power.

        No change to the fuel pump. In that regard the fuel cell is not different from the old tank. Although it does not matter with my carb setup, I was told the fuel cell does not need a surge tank (or swirl pot) for fuel injection because of the foam inside.

        No donor tank needed. Woody Harris and FuelSafe tried that but cutting open an existing tank, removing the baffles and custom fitting a bladder turned out to be more expensive than starting from scratch. The fuel cell is a few pounds heavier than the aluminum eggshell (60 mil aluminum, rubber bladder, foam and the bolted fittings) but after the accident with a punctured tank last year I feel better now. If you ever want to do competition racing you need a fuel cell, anyway.