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AMMO can comments and opinions sought

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  • AMMO can comments and opinions sought

    I am considering acquiring one of these and attending the MagnusMapping session. Would like all opinions anyone is willing to offer regarding noise suppression, quality, weight, durability and effect on HP/torque. Thanks to any responders in advance!!!

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    Love it. Light, free flowing and effective, although I haven't had it long enough to expose any potential Gert-like issues.

    /Magnus F.


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      Yeah....just blame it on me. :)

      Maybe it was just wear and tear although 30kmiles is not really that much. And I am not a serious track driver who screams away the miles. Anyway, it is a nice exhaust as lomg as it stays in one piece.


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        I have about 22k miles on mine with no issues. It's expensive, particularly when including shipping to the US, but I would buy mine again in a heartbeat. Quiet, light, and well made.

        Westfield SEiW
        2.0L Duratec
        Throttle Steer


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          Thank you very much. Likely to acquire one this week.

          Chris (if you are reading this), Could you PM me his telly #. Thank you!


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            If you can't reach Chris soon enough, there's always the Contact page on the Raceco site.
            | | Sean