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Birkin axle bearing.

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  • Birkin axle bearing.

    Hey Guys, My Birkin (approx '03) needs an RR outside axle bearing. The bearing also serves as a seal & it's barfing diff oil onto my wheel. A while back I ordered Dick Brink's last one but it had a pinhole in the rubber. The only Hilux supplier I found stateside sent me a mis-match. I could try matching "by size" but would really rather just have the stock unit. Any ideas? Thanks--Perry.

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    Can not help directly but did you ask on the Birkinowners Yahoo list? Contacting the factor may be another option but I am surprised that Dick brink would not have any more. He usually has almost anything imaginable.


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      I had the same problem and Larry from Woody's shop fixed the leak with a seal from Napa. You can give him a call to get the part number. He might be able to help source a bearing too. MSI Motorsports 707-448-3322


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        Yes, Dick has a lot of stuff. I got my Quaife from him + other things too. Maybe I will give him a call again because it has been awhile since I bought his last bearing.
        And I left a message for Larry at Motoring Specialists too for that Napa seal. Question: Was it a separate seal? My setup seems to be a bearing/seal one piece unit. Thanks.


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          Originally posted by perry View Post
          Question: Was it a separate seal? My setup seems to be a bearing/seal one piece unit. Thanks.
          Yes, it was a separate seal. My bearing was fine so it wasn't replaced.


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            Do you know the donor axle?

            You should be able to find it that way or get the number off the seal and take it to a parts store. If no number take the old one.

            Seals are like bearings, mfgs use existing sizes whenever possible.


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              Doug. If I knew it was just a '05 Tacoma or simmilar setup, of course I'd have no problem. but it's a Hilux axle of POSSIBLY 2003 manufacture of probably African orgin.
              It's just one of those numbers-match-nothing situations. And now there's a separate seal? Like a paper flange gasket or O-ring? Was my axle assembled with a part missing?
              My last resort is the Roscoe's House Of Bearings type effort.
              No worries, Guys. I have Larry & Dick on the case.
              Thanks again.