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    Hi , I was wondering how much is the insurance on a Caterham? and is it easy to get a loan for one?

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    Originally posted by uk marine carpentry View Post
    Hi , I was wondering how much is the insurance on a Caterham? and is it easy to get a loan for one?
    If it's not your primary car you can get agreed value insurance from Hagerty pretty cheap. I think I pay ~$400 for the year
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      ok cool


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        You can also go with American Collectors

        I couldn't get enough annual milage from Haggerty when I got a quote, max of 3000 miles if I recall correctly. I went with American Collectors insurance, also an agreed value policy and not primary car. I got 7,500 miles annual since I planned on taking and have taken the car on long road trips, but with a larger deductable. I don't plan on ever having to pay that deductable!!


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          I have my car & home insurance with Farmers. Agreed value on all 4 Lotus, 12k miles/year. No restrictions, other than the cars can't be primary transport and must be kept garaged when at home. Agreed values on the cars are $20k Esprits, $35k Seven. Not sure on the individual premium costs. Total of 8 cars insured. Annual premium for all of them is about $1250. $500 or $1k deductable on the daily drivers, $500 on the Loti.

          Their service is excellent. I found out the hard way. I had a total loss on a car with them back in '05. Fire burned the car to the ground just after completing a 2 year ground up restoration. They wrote me a check for $19.5k (the agreed value minus the deductable) with no hassle (although they did send out a private investigator and a fire/arson investigator to talk to me -- The fire took place only 3 or 4 days after getting the coverage in place!). Took about 2-3 weeks from the day of the fire until the check arrived.

          The fire was (is still) a real bummer, but the insurance payoff funded the acquisition of 3 more Loti.

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