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Fire Extinguisher questions

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  • Fire Extinguisher questions

    Looking for anyone's experience w/ which f.e. to use, what type of mount is superior etc. Do tell.

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    I have a standard red auto extinguisher for $ 20 or so that is bolted to the floor sheet in front of the passenger seat. Barely visible and does not bother the passenger. I noticed it must be one with a short stubby bottle. The long slim marine versions don't fit.

    I am using the cradle that came with it. It holds the neck of the bottle. However, instead of the crappy plastic holding strip I slipped a double sided heavy duty Velcro tape between the back of the cradle and the floor that holds the bottle securely in place with 5" overlap.

    Seems to work fine so far.



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      Mine is just like Dr. Gert's, except I'm using the chear plastic strap. Haven't had occasion to use it, but it appears that you just tear it open, grab the extinguisher and start extinguishing :!: A low tech and inexpensive solution. 8)


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        I have a Sparco unit clamped to the right side of my roll bar where I can reach it without having to unplug from my harness.

        A tech inspector told me that the mounting should be all-metal, which is quite understandable in a crash.

        /Magnus F.


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          Mine is the same as Gert's. I bought the extinguisher and a metal bracket from Home Depot - all up capital outlay of about $20. Bolted to floor in front of passenger seat works very well and seems to satisfy the tech inspectors.