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  • Side roll bar protection

    Hi all, got a question for you. I have some time this year to work on my Birkin and I want to get some side protection. Do you guys know of some bolt on side bars? Additionally.....any input will be welcome and if you just happen to have a roll cage laying around and you want to get rid tell.

    Scott Spiess
    [email protected]

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    I remember Dick Brink (the Birkin dealer) used to have some side impact bars (not a full cage) bolted on his Birkin. I would ask him if that is a standard product.


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      Slomove....I have been in contact with Dick and the ones he had on his Birkin were a one off (limited production) solution. He stated that they were expensive to build. He said that Birkin has created something like that, but no one has information or a picture. This is why I am posting about it because I need to find the cost of this upgrade to evaluate it. I plan on going to a 3 day race school in June at Thunder Hill, so funds are limited (constant struggle).


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        Originally posted by scottspiess View Post
        Slomove....I have been in contact with Dick and the ones he had on his Birkin were a one off (limited production) solution...... .
        I see. FWIW here is a picture I took of Dick's car on the USA2005 tour in Colorado. These bars don't look awfully difficult to make. Maybe you can find somebody to weld such a thing.
        However, I still don't understand how Dick got in and out....

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          Hey there....thanks for the picture. I actually got a ride at Infineon with him during this tour and remember the side bars. I am saving the picture and am going to send it to him. This is exactly what I am looking for. A bolt on solution and I do not see the cost being great for this solution but hey what do I know, I am a computer guy :) Also....I don't see how he can get in and out without a lot of snapping and unsnapping.... Thanks again.



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            Roll Bar

            Hi all, well I am working with Evil Genius Racing to solve my roll bar issue. This guys work is great and he "wants" to work with Birkin/Caterham people. His website is