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    I'd like to put longer wheel studs on my hubs. I have the Caterham 40 mm studs already, but would like something longer. I know that the thread size is 12 mm x 1.5 pitch, but I don't know what the proper knurl size is. I see that ARP has long M12 x 1.5 studs available, but list these as replacements for Toyotas and Hondas. Anyone know the Caterham knurl size or a source in the U.S.?



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    I bought mine from either Caterham UK or DemonTweaks in an attempt to get the knurl to match.

    My recollection is that they still did not match exactly but worked fine anyhow. The only time I've seen a problem is when the studs were removed and replaced several times and wore the hole out.

    I did do some extensive checking to find a US source with matching knurl without success.

    I've replaced my rears only so still have several of the studs I ordered. I don't remember how long they are but can check next week. I'm in Oregon until Monday.

    I may have a complete car set, if they are long enough for your needs we might make a deal. I know they fit my Kodiaks fine even with spacers behind them.

    I do need to do the front spindle upgrade but I think that comes with longer new studs.


    PS: why do you want longer studs?


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      Thanks for the info! And if you do have a set, I'd sure be interested. I have been using bias ply slicks, and I've found that they have a wider cross section and flex more, so they rub on the suspension parts. I'd like to use spacers, but the 40 mm spacers from Caterham are not quite long enough. If I remember, yours are much longer than the 40 mm that Caterham sells.

      Enjoy your time in Oregon. Feels a little like that down here with all the rain!



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        I was using one or two 1/8" inch thick spacers with my ACB Zero slicks. My Kodiaks probably have the same offset that yours do.

        My ACB10s would rub the front watts link if I did not use one spacer.

        The slicks I got for the AROSC event at Buttonwillow are not quite as wide and I don't recall if I needed spacers with them at all. If I did it was only one and only on the rear.

        I had these spacers made but since then have found other sources too. I don't have the souce name with me but again will look when I get back.

        Weather here is snow one minute and rain.
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