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    Whew, took longer than anticipated but as it goes, one thing came to another and once you take the car apart you find things you really don't expect. Anyway, it was a good investment of 6 or 7 weekends. Here is the list of repairs and upgrades after the trip to Monterey:

    - broken starter rebuilt
    - welded large crack in the Raceco exhaust (already 2nd time that happened)
    - fabricated exhaust vibration damper (so it does not happen again)
    - replaced ripped motor mounts
    - removed steering rack, lubed, new rubber boots, removed suspension and radiator
    - stripped frond end completely, sanded and primer coated chassis tubing.
    - purchased and installed Birkin wide-track suspension kit (new wishbones, ARB, uprights and shock bracket)
    - replaced corroded front bearings
    - blasted, painted front calipers and rebuilt seals
    - re-routed brake tubing for widetrack change
    - relocated remote oil filter and installed new oil hoses (also due to widetrack change)
    - fabricated new front wing stays/brackets from stainless tubing. More rigid and giving more space for 205 wide tires.
    - relocated my homemade headlights to the new shock mounting bracket and fabricated a better swivel joint for adjustment.
    - hammered a big dent out of my sump guard and welded up the impact zone with another steel strip.
    - synchronized throttle bodies and changed oil
    - recovered $250 by selling the old suspension to a guy in Australia (racing accident)

    So, quite a bit of work but I guess I neglected proper maintenance for a while.
    some pictures here.
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    Wow.. lots of work there. How exactly is that fuel hose dampening the vibration?


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      Originally posted by Mondo View Post
      Wow.. lots of work there. How exactly is that fuel hose dampening the vibration?
      I have the exhaust only attached to the engine in the front and a single bracket at the can exit. That long assembly of tubing was vibrating visibly in idle, maybe it has a resonance frequency around that.

      Now the idea is to have a relatively compliant rubbery tether in the middle, that still allows for some movement of the exhaust with the engine but hopefully will dampen the resonance. Not sure if that works, but if the hose is still too soft I can replace it with a standard "hockey puck" style vibration damper.