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Speedo/Odo out - any tricks?

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  • Speedo/Odo out - any tricks?

    Ok, on last weekends' SCS meet and breakfast blat my Speedo decided to no longer give speed and distance. It does power up, you can see the Odo reading and the Speedo needle move as the unit boots up when power is on, but no speed and I've been stuck at 1302 miles since.
    I have lots of these barrel threaded proximity sensors on the machines at work so I am familiar with them, and they almost never fail. It's almost always the wire, so as I Jack up the car and poke around underneath the chassis and under the dash, is there anything Caterham specific I should know about?
    Fred runs like a beast otherwise!

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    speed sensor probably fell out. I was w/o one for 5-6000 miles.
    2002 SV zetec/sierra; yellow over green


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      Wish it was that simple! Looks like it may have been too close, actually, since there is a nice groove cut into the toothed wheel. I tried moving the sensor slightly, but it might be hosed from too much grinding since that did nothing. Wire looks new and undamaged, nothing to see under the dash.
      At least I got my Oddyssey 625 and mirrorsforsevens rearview installed ok!


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        We forgot to check to be sure the wheel wasn't moving under cornering on the ride last weekend.

        Just grab the wheel and pull / push. It should not move at all.

        You may have clearance when static but it moves under a side load.
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          that's right! I forgot about that while I had the car up on jackstands this weekend. Guess I'll try it this coming weekend. Last full one before I leave on Sunday the 15th for many miles over 4 days (about 2100)
          I'm considering grabbing a prox sensor from work and fiddling with it a little...


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            If you need help let me know.

            I'd rather do it at my place but I also know you might be able to fix it in the time you drive here.


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              Well there's your problem right there...

              Looks to be a little over-exuberance on a zip-tie had cut into the insulation and through one of the wires.

              A little soldering, insulating, and zip-tying (carefully) and all is well.

              Thanks all for your suggestions.
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