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Turn signal indicator/alternator issues-fixed?

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  • Turn signal indicator/alternator issues-fixed?

    After checking the alternator (13.8 volts with a 63 amp load) and battery, my mechanic checked the ground at the front right of the car (at the brake line into the car from the right front wheel). He found no obvious corrosion or other contaminant, but cleaned it anyway. He then checked other grounds under the dash, and removed/inspected/replaced the flasher relay at the fuse block. There was no evidence of any problem with connections or condition of any items. When I took the car in, it was misbehaving in an easily replicable fashion. After the mechanic was done, he was unable to duplicate the problem, and I have now driven the car around 50 miles with no recurrence of either problem (glowing light or headlight/fan conflict). I guess it's fixed...:confused:
    2013 Boss 302 Mustang
    2005 SV Roadsport (gone but not forgotten)

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    Typical case of gremlinitis....


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      There never was a problem, it was just your mind playing tricks on you.

      I know as mine does it all the time.:rolleyes: