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Turn signal indicator problem

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  • Turn signal indicator problem

    The little green turn signal light (center of three lights on the tach face) on my car has taken to glowing and/or flickering when the turn signals are not in use. The glow waxes and wanes, and is never as bright as when the signals are in operation. It happens whether the main/parking lights are on or off, but is more likely when they are on. Manipulating the headlight switch does seem to affect the glow. All turn signals and lights are functioning normally. I have just replaced the Banner battery with an Odyssey PC680MJ. The Banner had not shown obvious signs of failing, but it was drawing down to around 8 volts on starting, causing problems with my gauges.

    Ben at Caterham USA says he has not seen this previously. Any ideas as to causes/cures?
    2013 Boss 302 Mustang
    2005 SV Roadsport (gone but not forgotten)

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    Have you cycled the emergency flasher several times?

    This can 'fix' non working turn signals in Caterhams and is a known issue. I don't know if it's related to your problem but a simple thing to try.

    Are the turn signals flashing when it does this?

    If not I would suspect it's in the speedo unit.


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      The hazard switch is a classic culprit in these situations.

      Having just reverse engineered the whole thing, the blinker signal from the switch is routed through the hazard switch on its way to the relay. If the hazard switch is activated, the blinker signal is cut off and the hazard relay (which is separate from its blinkers sibling) takes over and runs the blinkers.

      The hazard switch is famous for getting old and messing up the blinker signal.

      /Magnus F.