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T-9 Transmission Question

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  • T-9 Transmission Question

    Does anybody know what bellhousing bolt pattern is used on the Zetec / Duratec block?

    I am interested to know if the same bellhousing can be used for the Kent engines as is used on the late engines.

    I'd like to install a 5-speed behind my old 109E in my Series 2.

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    The info I have is mostly what others have told me or I remember reading, not from first hand experience.

    I'm pretty sure the bolt pattern is the same from Pre Crossflow days thru the Zetec. It changed with the Duratec.

    Starter locations on bell housings can vary. Mine is a Cross Flow to Zetec conversion and puts the starter under the headers. It mated to the block the same but it's alumium vs. cast iron and moves the engine a couple of inches back.

    Others have a bell housing that puts the starter on the intake side of the Zetec.

    Raceline would be a good place to ask.

    Also David Laird may know more.