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  • Colour names and identification

    Hi, I'm planning on buying a Roadsport in a few years. Meanwhile, I'm taking decisions. One of the things that will take forever is choosing the color. I'm a little confused about the color nomenclature and identification. Reading several sources you can see different choices. Now, which is the current official nomenclature? I suppose some of them are different names of the same color. I'm interested in blue and green. The simulation of colors in the Caterham website is really inaccurate. Could you please tell me what's the name/s of the paint color of these cars (see picture attached). First, green. It's not the classic British racing green (dark and desaturated) nor the vivid light green which has some tendency to yellow. It's like a medium green with a touch of turquoise. Second, a blue color, not dark nor very light, but really saturated and pure blue (not like lilac). Thanks, and sorry for my English.

    taken from an official price sheet (from cheaper to more expensive)

    vintage green, storm blue
    viper blue
    atomic grass
    krypton green
    plasma blue, roulette green

    from Caterham English site:

    caterham green, caterham blue
    viper blue, kingfisher blue
    roulette green metallic
    riviera blue

    from Caterham Portugal site:

    vintage green, storm blue
    viper blue, kingfisher blue
    roulette green, riviera blue

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    You might be better off talking to Caterham USA or Caterham UK direct.

    Of the colors you checked off, I don't know of any in So. Cal.

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      the blue is Kingfisher Blue. I like that green as well, but i think it was a custom color.
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        As regard the blue color, I think you are right: it's the Kingfisher blue. It's like Viper blue, but a little lighter and a bit more to the green in the color spectre. However, some photos show this color darker and other lighter. See:

        No idea about the green. Some say it's the Roulette green, but who knows...


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          Regarding the green, I'd contact the factory. That's the color used on the R400 they feature in the showroom section of their Website. Someone there has to know.

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            Blue is clearly Kingfisher blue, also known as Pelican Blue, a color by Audi. Some photos are a little dark and make this color look more like a medium blue than it really is. If you google for Audi + kingfisher you will find a lot of photos of cars in this original kind of blue.

            I have contacted Caterham and they say the green is Irish green, a Honda color. It seem it's taken from the Irish flag color (pantone 347). It's also called Shamrock green. However, I still don't know if it is actually possible to order the car in that color, since it's not in the official website nor in the official price sheet pdf (at least with the Irish green name). In this case also, if you google for hondas in this colour you will find nothing. Paying a visit to the Honda website doesn't help (the color choice is just black, grey, red and I think that's all).