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  • Tire(d) Of This Topic?

    Based on my thread research, another tire free-for-all is waaay overdue.

    I need a new set of tires for my 13" Kodiaks (7" front, 8" rear). I'm not fussy: a superbly grippy track tire with impeccable highway manners, robust construction and excellent durability would be acceptable, as long as it is cheap. I expect to use these tires mostly for road use, with the occasional track day.

    After reviewing the last tire thread (it took a while) I concluded that something like a Toyo R888 might be good, if only because the tread pattern looks cool in an Asian-love-machine kind of way.

    So, let's hear your opinion. Game on...

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    As stated in the above mentioned thread I really like the Toyo T1R for the road. Reasonable life, no tramlining, inexpensive, good in rain and sticky enough for lively but license-conserving driving habits. But, as I noticed last weekend they are not suitable for all occasions. Rosie was not too happy about that attempt....


    P.S.: Sorry about the shoddy video quality. I tried one of these cheapo spy cams.


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      I put on a set of R888's on my 15" street wheels, but haven't driven them aggressively yet. They did respond very well to the small stress I did apply on them, though.


      /Magnus F.


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        The other thing to consider is availability. The 888 IS available in a 225x45x13

        I'm tempted to try that size with some 13x7's

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          MM: My all time favorite is the Kumho V710. But, the Kumho ecsta 700 might suit your needs better because of the tread design. The 710 might prove a bit adventurous in the bay area monsoons. The guy in Wisconsin, Berget, sometimes offers used AO48s. Freight might be a bigger issue than price. Hope to ya again one of these days.


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            Guys, thanks for the suggestions. My car is in the process of being converted back into a street vehicle - cage is off, windshield is back on, bench seat is in (no more damaged kidneys from the aluminum race seat!). Ammo silencer is waiting in the wings. I will shortly buy a tweed cap, then I'll be good for a drive to the tire shoppe for some new rubber.


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              Great! Let's plan another weekend blat.
              Tom "ELV15" Jones


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                Just found this interesting advisory on tires from the Aim Tire website ( Aim provides race tires at many of the tracks we frequent. Note particularly the warning against fitting over-width tires at the bottom.

                The TOYO Proxes RA-1 continues to be the very best all around tire for driving to and from a high performance driving or track day event.

                The TOYO RA-1 is unsurpassed in it's ability to 'heat cycle' better than any other tire on the planet.

                At full or near full tread depth it provides excellent grip and long life for a "R" compound tire. And at a shaved tread depth of 4/32nds is has proven to be a very quick and predictable tire. So much so it was chosen to be the SPEC MIATA Spec tire for 2006 to 2009.

                Also, the all NEW R-888 is molded at 6/32nds is an instant hit with track day and HPDE competitors as well as the various spec tire series now using the R-888 tire. This tire has the renown TOYO capacity for resistance to the dreaded 'heat cycling' which other tire brands cannot seem to duplicate! The R-888 is the designated replacement for the RA-1 which has been in the USA since 1992! The R-888 is the new tire used by the Speedvision World Challenge Touring and GT series! Thus proving it's ability to perform under extremely harsh conditions.

                Plus at full tread depth it provides excellent grip in on a wet track.
                All around the Proxes new R-888's and the famous RA-1 are a great buy for your money.

                DIFFERENCES between the R-888 and the RA-1? The R-888 has a stiffer sidewall which provides greater grip under hard braking as well as giving you more mid-corner grip.

                The HANKOOK VENTUS Z-214
                is the new kid on the block but has established itself as a true champion. The Hankook Z214 continues set record race wins as well as track records in SCCA Improved Touring, NASA classes.

                With a molded 4/32nd TWO GROOVE tread patten the Hankook Z-214 is a ringer for the look of the HOOSIER and R-6 and A-6 but has proven to be much quicker and more durable.
                Competitors have documented over 25 heat cycles on the Hankook Z214 without the tire slowing!
                Additionally Hankook has the best contingency program in the entire USA.
                All in all there is only one downside and that is the Hankook Z214 cannot be driven on the street although it is considered a DOT tire as is the Hoosier R-6 and A-6 by sanctioning bodies

                Competitors are reporting setting new records at tracks, autocrosses and hill climbs across the nation with the HANKOOK VENTUS Z-214 competition tire.

                As a competition tire we DO NOT RECOMMEND this tire be driven on the street. It is a true competition tire just as the Hoosier R-6 and AVON TECH R tires.

                Hankook offers the Z214 in 2 compounds depending upon the size. The c7 is the softer compound providing instantly quick laps with little or no warmup. Excellent for Autocross or for someone wishing to set a new qualifying record!
                The c5 compound is considered the work horse of the Hankook line but don't think for a minute it is slow! The C-5 compound provides all around amazingly quick times lap after lap on road courses while showing very little wear

                . The Hankook Z-214 provides nearly the wear of the TOYO while performing like the Hoosier.

                Hankook offers the best contingency program of any manufacturer covering most club events, endurance events and rally events.

                And speaking of RALLY TIRES take a look at the full line of HANKOOK Ventus R201, R202, R203, R203 and R204 Rally Tires. Currently the Hankook Ventus Rally Tires are setting the competition on edge by providing superior rally performance at a very low cost!

                HOOSIER R-6 road race, A-6 autocross tire: The industry standard for years. The new R-6, A-6 line incorporates years of track data into the new improved design. Still the #1 choice for SCCA open competition with a huge assortment of sizes to fit virtually any application.


                A special note for all: So many times customers will attempt to put a tire that is wider than is recommended for a specified rim width.
                This WILL ABSOLUTELY affect the performance of the tire causing an increase in tire wear, inconsistant and poor performance.

                DON'T DO IT!
                The best fitment for a tire's performance is for the rim width to be equal to the tread width of the tire. Using rims that are narrower or wider than the tire manufactures recommendations is an extremely poor decision and very unprofessional.


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                  So you take the link I sent you, find this stuff, take all the credit, and don't have time to answer my question?

                  Best to double check what I'm putting in your fuel next time.:rolleyes:


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                    Available sizes:







                    Looks like the money is about the same, give or take.
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                      Chris, thanks for the links. Doug, I am training to be a business consultant. My invoice for services rendered is in the mail.


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                        The Nitto NT01 is a pretty good tire in the mold of the R888. Supposedly uses the same compound as the RA1 but with an aggressive pattern like the R888. Its also a lot cheaper than the Toyos.


                        I have been running them for a while on my Seven and have been happy so far.
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                          I'm wondering when/if the Avon ZZR will be available on these shores, and how they will compare to those mentioned above in performance/weight/price/durability and whatnot.
                          | | Sean


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                            Originally posted by Sean View Post
                            I'm wondering when/if the Avon ZZR will be available on these shores, and how they will compare to those mentioned above in performance/weight/price/durability and whatnot.
                            Is this the new one from CC that has been discussed on BC recently?
                            A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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                              Originally posted by moosetestbestanden View Post
                              Is this the new one from CC that has been discussed on BC recently?
                              Yup. The BC thread is here.
                              | | Sean