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    Doug was amazing and has really gotten me closer to getting this figured out. I'm putting together an image in VMWare to try and read from the ECU. Hopefully that will reveal all and then I can start tracking down parts and getting them installed. Doug also found and fixed a few other problems that I wasn't even aware of... I seriously cannot thank him enough for coming down yesterday and helping with this. I'm actually starting to believe I'll have this car on the road in a few weeks now!


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      The ECU error codes will be of a tremendous help in ruling out sensor errors.

      I'm looking forward to the next chapter of this mystery.

      /Magnus F.


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        Nick and I spend some more time this evening.

        We did verify all the major ground connections were good.

        A computer with the proper ports was used but it would still not see the ECU. We thought we might have found the problem when the case was grounded and the software said it was now connected. It wasn't, as it would still not connect and show the map. The case is supposed to be mounted on foam for vibration isolation but instruction don't say it needs to be grounded.

        Nick's contacting DTA for their input.

        I suspect it's toast.
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