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front brake pad shape - vehicle it comes from?

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  • front brake pad shape - vehicle it comes from?

    hi fellas.

    i have a 1992 caterham super seven dedion; it's got 4 wheel disc brakes on it; for the rear pads, i purchase the pads for a 1988 Merkur Scorpio from the local parts store and they fit perfectly.

    here's the question: its due for front pads soon -- what pad shape (or car does it come from) that i should ask for at the parts store? the front calipers are dual piston (one piston on each side of the rotor); the front rotors are what i'd consider small, and are solid non vented style.

    thanks for the help!


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    Brake pads for a Triumph Spitfire should fit.

    More answers can also be found here:

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      Todd, are the front rotors vented or solid?

      If solid, the Triumph will fit, if vented you will need to get the pads directly from Caterham.

      In either case you will want to research the options. For instance there are different pad compounds that can affect the brake bias: a grippy pad at the back can lock the rears before the fronts, which is probably most undesirable!
      Tom "ELV15" Jones


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        The newer caterhams have Girling calipers used, among others, on the rear of Volvo 240.

        See for details. I don't know if these are the calipers you have, but I would guess so.

        /Magnus F.


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          Originally posted by Elv15 View Post
          Todd, are the front rotors vented or solid?
          good morning, and thanks for the info!

          the front rotors are the nonvented style. currently i have the original caterham pads in the front and 'silverline' rear pads from a merkur scorpio in the rear. i have a brake bias valve that i put inline on the rear brake circuit, so that i can dial in just the right amount of rear brake (right now, the fronts lock up just before the rears).

          it looks like i'll give those volvo 240 pads a try and see if they will fit the front!



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            The front uprights and calipers as used on the Caterham are from the Triumph Spitfire or Herald.

            Brake pad profiles are often used by other manufactures as well. If you look up Triumph brake pads on CSK Auto parts they list other vehicles the pads will fit. These cross to the Volvo and several other cars as well.

            While the profile may be similar I don't know if the pad thickness is the same and there may be other slight differences. The Volvo profile is a different number than the Spitfire.

            Doesn't mean they don't fit fine. Magnus is Swedish so is biased toward the Volvo.
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