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  • Would like a little extra room

    I got my 1992 Cateham yestyerday!!

    Here's he first of many questions
    I've driven the car around the block and I love it!! (DUH) It's not registered yet but it is insured. I may be illegal but I AM fiscally responsible 8-)

    I'd like to make some changes to make it fit me better.

    I'm 6'1 with wide size 12 feet. My right foot is a bit of a squeeze to get off the throttle and onto the brake. Obviously some kind of driving shoe will help. Also I was thinking about removing some of the carpeting on the trans tunnel. Is there any adjustment on the brake pedal?
    I'd like to sit a little farther back and down too, so that I have some room between my thighs and the steering wheel. Any thoughts? Different seat, maybe even an insert?
    Thanks in advance
    John Norris
    '91 Caterham 1700 c/f
    Green/Aluminum W/Clamshells
    '94 BMW 325I Racecar
    '94 BMW 325IS Racecar

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    Driving shoes will help a lot. Any race shop will carry them. Don't try to get them too small, they must be comfortable to wear as you will walk around in the pit a lot with them. It is the shape of the sole that makes it easier to access the pedal.

    You can adjust the brake pedal (at least on my 2002), by removing the cover on top of the pedal box in the engine bay and move the pedal to another hole on the master cylinder piston.

    Other people in this forum know more than me about lowering your seat.

    /Magnus F.


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      Also, I got your message yesterday but haven't had time to call back yet. I'll call you today.

      /Magnus F.


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        Ok I am 6' 2" and the seat is an issue you will have to deal with. I bought a 15" wide Kirkey go kart seat and I pulled the seat rails to get me lower. There are kits available to lower yourself a couple of inches but I don't feel easy having my ass being the lowest part of the car. There are big rocks in the road where I live and I already ruined a rim because I ran over a big one (no was the lesser of two evils). The Kart seat is "friction" fit which is not optimum but has passed tech at several events. I sit very comfortable in it and I have a good view out the windscreen. This being said, I did have a discussion with Woody at MSI about some other solutions. I have not moved forward because of time, transportation and $$ issues (I am in grad school). By the way, congrads on your purchase. I love my car.

        By the way you will need racing shoes and also I agree do not get them too small as you will be standing around at events.

        Scott Spiess


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          Shoes? I've found that they fit comfortably under the seat, where they can be easily reached after arrival at a destination.:D
          A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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            Several of us have lowered the floor of our cars. Dropping mine, and making a flat seat frame without fore-aft adjustability, along with a change in seats, lowered me so that instead of looking over the wind screen I now look through it.


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              I'm 6'4" and the lowered floor is the best upgrade I've made to the car.


              I use Puma driving shoes, which have very thin soles and a small heel. I found that shoes with a fat heel just take up extra room.

              I've driven LOTS of miles with the lowered floors and have only had an issue with them being two low going into/out of parking lots. It is truly amazing how smooth our roads are. However, as some of the other members here can tell you I've driven some VERY poor roads. I simply drive defensively and have had no issues other than worn seat bolts and a dent that happened going over a curb into a parking lot (on tour with a passenger and luggage). I run 13" rims too.

              There are a number of seating options which will lower you in the car. I have the leather seats, but recently took out the drivers seat and made a foam seat. It's not possible to get any lower than that. I'm now looking directly down the bonnet and can't really see the right front wheel! :D
              Tom "ELV15" Jones