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  • Need quick answer

    My final order is being submitted now for my new Superlight R. I've been asked by my dealer if I want a hole in the cockpit tonneau cover for the FIA bar petty strut. Car will be used mostly on the road without the strut fitted. Several track days per year use where I might want the bar in place. Should I get the hole in the tonneau cover or not? Has anyone gotten the cover one way but wished they had gotten it the other way (with or without hole)? Why?

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    Get it wid da hoe :!:


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      Tonneau cover


      The cover has a hole, but there is a flap covering it when it is not in use. It is held down by velcro. The only issue is that the flap makes folding the tonneau for storage a bit tougher. Not really an issue at all. Get the hole. It will come in handy for track days.


      Tom "ELV15" Jones


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        Thanks guys. Wid da hoe it will be. Tom, you going to be at Dream Machines this Sunday? Be looking for some Caterhams there. Should be a great day weatherwise and a very fun show. A few months from now I should have a new yellow Superlight arriving. Can't wait!


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          Just curious - will you be buiding it yourself?
          - Sean


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            Yes, I'll be the constructor. I think May 20 is the factory build date so should see the part later in June. I hope that will be plenty of time to get in on Jan 3 for SB100 registration.

            Here are the specs:
            1. Caterham yellow paint on body. Wings front & rear to be left unpainted. No rear wing protectors (If they come with no charge I would like them included but not installed nor the rear wings drilled for them). Nosecone to be yellow with carbon fiber band at front. The "7" (only) in the grill to be body color yellow. All the rest of the grill including the bar surrounding the "7" to be black (just like p.120 in The Magnificant Seven).
            1a. Factory installed nose badge to be black and silver one if available. I think this is the expensive cloisone badge that reads "Super 7" only.
            2. 6 point harness (black) with 3" belts all around.
            3. footwell heat insulation kit
            4. full heated windscreen (silver frame) and wipers (in addition to standard black fiberglass windscreen)
            5. full sidescreens
            6. headlamps: chrome bezels with gloss or semi-gloss black bowls-prefer semi-glass but not matt finish as used on the "black pack".
            7. cockpit tonneau cover with hole for petty strut.
            8. carbon fiber sill protectors
            9. Stack dash (8130M with predictive lap timing & beacon with pickup)
            10. Momo steering wheel, 280mm smooth black leather, w/QR hub.
            11. Battery cutoff switch (not fitted)
            12. Big red start button
            13. Caterham aluminum 5 speed shift knob
            14. Alloy fuel filler in place of body colored standard filler cap.
            15. Bonnet (engine hood)- delete the heater louvers in the center, rear of the bonnet over the heater intake if at all possible. Heater not being fitted.
            16. FIA rollbar painted Caterham yellow, standard height (if it is proper for my 5-9 height). Be sure any stickers required for tech inspection are properly visible and attached and not painted over. I would like the factory to drill any holes in the side panels so that the petty strut can be installed without me having to drill holes myself to find the mounting point.
            17. 3:62 final drive ratio with LSD
            18. side exit exhaust without catalytic converter
            19. aluminum racing brake master cylinder
            20. Mike Barnby 13" wheels if a set "happens" to be available.

            The following from Caterham USA:
            20. SVT Focus Zetec engine with light alumminum flywheel. Cam cover to be powder coated red (this is a change from yellow).
            21. 5 speed BGH gearbox. Spec gearbox with long or tall first gear (new 5 speed boxes are all heavy duty versions).



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              Dream Machines Show

              Hi Steve,

              Unfortunatly I have to go out of town and will not make the Dream Machines show. :(

              Your spec looks great! You did a super job of ferreting out the nice bits.


              Tom "ELV15" Jones