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Professional driver needs help with his 7.....

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  • Professional driver needs help with his 7.....

    A gent that started his racing career in a 7 back in the '60s recently bought a vintage Lotus 7 racer. It came with a few issues, however. The turn signals and brake lights were disconnected for racing purposes. In order to get the car street legal in CA these items need to be returned to functionality for our pals @ DMV.

    The Question: Is anyone willing to help this former class winner @ the LeMans 24 hour race with this electrical problem? He resides near the LA airport and would like to come out and play with the other 7s when his car becomes legal.

    Unfortunately, if I were to undertake this repair electrocution or a severe electrical fire would be the most likely result. Therefore, I turn to all of you, the de facto 7 dealer service network.

    Cyclists would enjoy his collection of 25 motorcycles.

    Other well known racers that learned to race in a 7 first were the late Graham Hill and Derek Bell, who recently may have had a mishap with a rental car @ Laguna Seca, I believe.

    Please contract me if you would like to lend a hand. Thank you!!

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    I can recommend a great Lotus shop that is right down the street from him that can do the work, but they will charge for it though.

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      Magnus, are you out there? This one's right by you.
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        I could help out, but not until October, due to work / travel demands.

        Could possibly stop by on a Saturday after Cars & Coffee / Donut Derelicts

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          7 help

          I'd be happy to help out but do need to know what kind of time frame he's looking at. We could possibly do it at my house or shop in San Dimas. Steve


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            I and Adi (an old F1 wiring guy) had a look at it about a year ago, and we figured out that a new harness was probably needed since the one that was in there was patched with an electronic ignition and did not match up with any of the wiring diagrams of a Lotus 7.

            If a new harness was purchased, the electronic ignition would still have to be integrated with it somehow.

            I can check again if Adi has some time over, but I doubt it.

            /Magnus F.


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              I can try to help. I'm no expert in electrickery but I have had the wiring apart on my car (Series 2) on several occasions. Unfortunately I don't put it back so well but everything works.
              I also have a variety of indicator switches to choose from.
              Problem is I don't move around so good so I would serve more as an advisor.
              And I would have my car there for reference.

              There is not a lot to it but if others have made changes that are not logical it can be more challenging.

              What is this fellows name if you don't mind me asking?
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