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5 North from San Diego

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  • 5 North from San Diego

    I am planning on some long drives and I recall that 5 north of the grapevine is pretty bumpy. Anyone driven this lately in a 7ish type car?
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    San Diego

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    I am not aware that it is worse north of Grapevine than anywhere else. I drove up there last year in the Seven to Buttonwillow and it was kind of O.K.

    That said, I5 pavement generally sucks, especially the right 2 lanes through the mountains. Lots of cracks, steps and potholes but nothing you can not do in a Seven. Just drive fast enough to not fall into the potholes ;-)


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      Having towed my toyhauler over the Grapvine several times, I agree with Gert, the right two lanes are terrible. Past the Grapevine it's OK.

      Keep to the left in the #1 or #2 lane and it's much better.

      I know Clark has driven his Seven over it several times.



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        I live 10 minutes from I5 south of Buttonwillow Raceway (Hwy 43 exit). If your butt needs a break, or your thirsty and would like to visit another 7 fan along your trip drop me a PM.


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          I've done it in my Birkin 4 or 5 times and don't remember it being unusually bumpy. However, parts of the 99 north of Bakersfield can be pretty bad.

          And if you are thinking about taking Bitterwater Rd. west of Buttonwillow off Hwy 56, watch out!

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            Originally posted by soareyes View Post
            .....And if you are thinking about taking Bitterwater Rd. west of Buttonwillow off Hwy 56, watch out!
            What does that mean? You are not questioning my wise choice of scenic highways, well, I mean rotten county roads, are you?

            I really regret not running my video there. Amazing what cliffs the San Andreas fault can build up on a supposedly paved road :)

            But at least the sign "Rough Road" was a true statement of facts.


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              Gert, you mean it was something like this:

              Tom "ELV15" Jones