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    This guy has done some homework on batteries. Lots of links and info.
    - Sean

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    An Oddyssey battery fixed my problem last year. Another lad on this site used one this week to cure an ailment in his car. I'm giving it a big thumbs up. Looks cool too :!: 8)


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      Here's a pic of the dry cell I got:

      I found it hunting around the web. The guy's a young Subbie enthusiast down in O.C. - he's putting his own label on it. It's probably a Genesis given the weight but I'm not sure. In any case, it's been good so far, takes up no room and weighs waaay less than the battery that came w/ the car. Note that it can be mounted in any orientation.

      Here's the URL:

      Heeltoe specializes in providing Honda and Acura enthusiasts with industry-leading customer service in providing the best parts and parts consultation for their car parts purchases. We provide Genuine OEM, OE replacement, grey market JDM, maintenance parts and fluids, performance aftermarket, and other Hondacar enthusiast-based goods such as tools, apparel, and merchandise. Our top brands are our ATLP, Fastline Performance (FLP), and Medieval-Pro in-house products!

      I managed to make it fit temporarily using the standard battery hold-down and a little creative bending. I'll do it up right after a while - I'm suffering from post-build mechanical apathy. I just want to drive the thing for a while before I set about to some more work.
      A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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        Forget it Chris,
        after a few weeks you will CRAVE for an improvement project :mrgreen:



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          Chris: Will you be satisfying your lust to "drive the thing" at the Streets of Willow with the lads? 8) We hope to CU there :!:


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            Dr. SLOMOVE: You are absolutely right. There is always a list of "have to do" things, then the "I'll eventually get around to" list, the "I'd like to" things, and the "in a perfect world I'd....." things. If we started a list of these things I'm sure that everyones wish list would double after checking out each others lists!! It's definitely part of the fun of owning a 7 :!: Brad 8)


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              Chris: Will you be satisfying your lust to "drive the thing" at the Streets of Willow with the lads? We hope to CU there
              I won't be driving the car because I lack a number of track required items - helmet, suit etc. I've got to put in the 'crutch' strap as well. It'll be a few months yet before I'm track ready.

              I hope to pay a visit though. Problem is we're in the late stages of remodeling the house (Never, Ever, frickin Ever live in the same house that you're remodeling) so there are a few, uh, tasks to be done.

              I reckon we'll make it just the same though, because I really want to and because Willow is only about 45 minutes from the house.
              A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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                Chris: You will not need a driver's suit for these events. In fact, Michael removed his in September because it was just too hot. Not sure about the crutch strap being mandatory. Anyway, do come out and take a look at your brethren---time to meet up. Passengers are allowed, so suggest that you round up a hard hat so you get the idea of the track layout. The installation of your motor looks to be about the cleamest one around. I can see a lot of excess weight around my engine bay, after seeing yours :!: 8) Brad