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    I think there was a discussion on Fuel Cells a while ago.....but maybe it was on another list.

    Anyway, if somebody is interested: Woody Harris, the local Birkin importer offers now in cooperation with Fuel Safe a custom fuel cell. It is shaped after the stock Birkin tank but it might as well fit into a Caterham. The advantage over the "Lotus Seven" model from Fuel Safe is the increased capacity (maybe 2 gal ?), level sender and that the filling cap on the rear can be retained.

    Woody posted more information on the USA Sevens list. I am going to get one. The tank puncture after my rear ender accident last spring was enough warning for me. :shock:


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    Do you know if this tank will fit a DeDion equipped Caterham? I am also curious about the price. 8)


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      Below is what Woody posted. The cell ain't cheap at $1150. But that is because it is not the regular brick shaped cell but optimized for space, with filler bung, swirl pot and sender. I guess it would fit the Caterham because of identical outer dimensions but I am not familiar with the detail internal differences of the rear end. You should talk with Woody.

      See you at Streets of Willows!



      As many will recall, we have been working on a fuel cell project for the
      Birkin S3. At long last the answers are at hand.

      It has been determined that using the original tank is not economic,
      thus the tank will be made from scratch from .080" aluminum. For
      reference, the original is made of .065" aluminum. The tank is
      dimensionally the same as the original, bolts in the car in exactly the
      same way, and has the breather, filler, and outlet in the same location
      as original. No modifications are needed to the car to fit the fuel
      cell. In addition to the aluminum tank and the bladder, the cell
      features internal foam baffling, a Birkin VDO fuel gauge compatible
      sending unit, and an internal one-way valved sump/pickup box, which
      should eliminate any fuel pickup issues.

      I would suggest that owners can help defray the cost of the cell by
      selling their existing tank to another kit builder. For Caterham owners
      and other builders who have expressed interest, tank dimensions are: OA
      length 31.58", height of rear wall 9.173", height of front wall 11.66",
      width of side at bottom 9.075", width of side at top 7.362."

      Price: $1150 + shipping, payment with order.

      Delivery: depends on who crashed what last weekend and what big race is
      coming up, but think in terms of 5 weeks.

      Let us know who wants in.

      Woody Harris, Pres.
      Birkin North America
      742 E. Main St.
      Vacaville, CA 95688
      [email protected]