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New hub and tie rod

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  • New hub and tie rod

    The good news is that I've replaced all of my suspension bushings, bearings, rod ends, and grease boots. At the same time, I replaced the standard front hubs with the upgraded hub kit. The ride is much tighter! Of course, this hasn't been without a few glitches! Anyone else have problems with clearance between the tie rod covers and the front brake rotors after putting on upgraded front hubs? I've got about 1/8 inch between the tie rod end and the brake rotor, which is fine, except that the grease boot rubs against the rotor.


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    I've had that upgrade sitting by the tools for about a year. What a slug. I'm from New Mexico you see, the land of manana.

    Did you have to have someone press the old bearings from the uprights?
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      Yes, I have to admit that I had a shop here help me with it. I've replaced bushings and hubs in other cars before, and didn't have the patience to do it all myself!


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        My car was built with stock brakes, then upgraded to the AP vented set up. My clearances seem to be about the same as yours, maybe 3/16". My grease boots appear to be barely touching the rotor, but in 1 1/2 years of use (6100 miles) including about a dozen autocrosses, I've had no leaks. I just went out and checked the boots, and they are undamaged, as far as I can tell. It appears the front end geometry is such that it would be hard to move any of this stuff, even a little bit, without screwing up the alignment in some way. Perhaps a spacer or shim to move the rotor out, but who knows what that would do to wheel location and front wing clearance? I am, however, pretty much an idiot when it comes to these things, so I would take anything I postulate with a bucket of salt!
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          Why not just go to rose joints?


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            Good idea. I have rose joints on the upper A arm. I'll look to see if I can find some for the steering arms.