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Moving battery next to heater...

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  • Moving battery next to heater...

    I would like to get the battery out from under the carbs so have bought a battery tray to put it on top of the passenger footbox (its RHD). There is an interference with the water hose coming out of the heater box so will need to get an elbow so I can route the hose around the battery. Does anyone have a photo of this set up?
    Even with the elbow I don't know if there will be enough room for all the batteries and gubbins:confused: ...Is there a convenient part that anyone might conveniently know of that could fit? :cool:

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    Under the carbs or throttle bodies isn't a bad place to have the battery, it keeps the weight lower in the chassis.

    Why are you moving it?



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      That is a good point. Lower CG is always good. I guess I am thinking that it is just not accessible enough...for me anyway. :cool: It seems like I am always hooking and unhooking the battery for work and maintenance.

      The other concern was that I don't have a good hold down currently. The bungee cords I am using are a bit soft! :rolleyes:

      I could pull off the strap from the separate battery tray and use it on the lower welded-in tray...that would may be the best. I'll do that...Thanks Doug! :)


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        I made an aluminum box to both clamp the battery into and clamp it to a couple of chassis rails.

        I used some battery quick disconnects from McMaster Carr so I can get to the battery to charge or jump it. Also have a smaller quick disconnect for a trickle charger.

        If I need to disconnect the battery, I remove the ground strap that is from the battery to the chassis.

        I'm using an Odyssey PC535,

        They sell hold downs for some of the batteries that might help. I didn't see one for the PC535 but some of the others might work.

        I think it's important to have it really well mounted.

        I have a sheet of rubber held in place over the top of the battery in case something conductive drops on it.

        Removal of the battery means removing the throttle bodies, but I've not had to do that since installed. At least three years.

        I'll try and take some photos and email them to you.

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