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  • dampers


    On top of leaking radiators, new exhaust systems and an expired helmet, I today discovered that one of my Freestyle sourced AVO shocks is pissing oil. Does anyone know a local source for good adjustable (rear) dampers?

    /Magnus F.

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    No, but I understood the AVO dampers to be "rebuildable" (?). Not sure what that might entail...

    Their web page is here:
    | | Sean


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      Whatever you buy, make sure the valve system is designed for a very lightweight car. Most of the locally produced shocks are probably for much higher spring rates and masses.

      I talked with the ProTech guys I bought my shocks from (unfortunately also UK). I heard they are folks who left AVO and came up with a better valving mousetrap. I am quite satisfied (but have not been to a shock dyno) and the price was very reasonable in 2005. I believe they are popular with Westfields. All they make is hand built to order with custom length and end fittings. Turn-around and shipping was some 2-3 weeks. If you tell them it is for an SV of certain vintage there is a good likelihood they know what you need.

      Anyway, you may want to give them a call, given the improved exchange rate:
      Affordable High Quality Competition and Fast Road Shock Absorbers Hand Made in the UK

      There is (or was?) a company on the east coast who converts Carrera shocks to adjustable ones. But there are also some horror stories about many month long delays and early credit card charges.

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        I recently replaced my AVOs with Protechs. Can't say I notice much of an improvement, but they are cheaper and much lighter than the steel AVOs. The company is really easy to work with and as Gert noted they do a lot of Westfields, so understand the issues with a light car.

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          I think I remember reading some threads on BC about this. Might be worth poking around w/ the boolean search engine there.

          Make mine Nitrons thanks, one of these years. Nothing but raves about them over there. Anybody willing to share next week's winning lottery numbers?:D

          Jon's been running w/ some high (very high) zoot remote Penskes. So adjustable you have to pay extra for a damper PHD to set the car up. Waaay over my head.
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            As Sean posted, AVOs are rebuildable. It's really a simple job that you could do with a little coaching the first time. On the other hand, I don't do my own shocks...I generally drop them off at Pettersen Pro Suspension in Anaheim ( Stig is a good guy, and really knows his stuff. In addition to new seals, he can change the damping rates if you want. Any off-road motorcycle shop should be able to do the same. Rebuilding would probably be a lot cheaper than new shocks.



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              Thank you Randall. I'll give pps racing a call today.

              It would be very nice if I did not have to buy new ones, since the Caterham tab is running quite high this month.

              /Magnus F.


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                Additional info.

                I spoke to Freestyle (who sold me the shocks), and he wants GBP 250 for a new pair. He also said that only the failing one would have to be replaced giving its age and driving profile.

                I'll compare that to what the PPS racing wants.

                /Magnus F.


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                  I spoke to Stig (who is Swedish) at PPS Racing, and he could not help me out.

                  A new damper it is from freestyle.

                  /Magnus F.


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                    That's a disappointing surprise. He's always been able to work on my shocks (admittedly only Ohlins and Showa).

                    I still think somebody local can change out a seal for a good deal less than buying a whole new unit. Maybe AVO ([email protected]) can supply parts, if the seal can't be located at a good bearing & seal shop.


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                      I've a source for a shock dyno if anyone is interested.

                      One thing they can do is test all four shocks and produce a graph for each showing what settings are equivalent. For example it may take three clicks on the left to equal two clicks on the right.

                      Not cheap but not that expensive if you need them right.