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Diff oil for Birkin/Quaife

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  • Diff oil for Birkin/Quaife

    Hey guys, Have you a reccomendation for brand & weight of diff oil for a Birkin (toyota hilux) rear end, running a Quaife? I'm gettin' that sucker installed today & they are gonna need some sauce to go in it. I have some Mobil 1 75w-140 But I would like to see what you cats think. Gracias, Perry.

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    Best to check with Quaife.

    They didn't recommend anything special for mine, just standard diff oil. I think I am using 85-90W. No special reason other than that is what I had. Diffs should last a long time with any good lube. This assumes proper settings of backlash and preload.

    The tag on the diff being offered by John Coombs says use vehicle mfg's recommeded lube. No special lube required. See the for sale section.

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      This has come up on the Birkin owners list several times. Bernie Long wrote to Quaife and this was their response:

      "Please use the normal standard differential oil for your application. DO NOT USE any special limited slip oil."

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        Standard stuff it is.---Perry.