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Illinois Birkin, registered as a 1965 Lotus

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  • Illinois Birkin, registered as a 1965 Lotus


    I just joined this forum and already got a question about registering a Birkin in S.Cal. Sorry if this is a newbie question.....

    I found a Birkin that is registered as a 1965 Lotus in Illinois. Street driven. Wondering if it will have problems being registered here in California as the year is smog exempt? Do I still need to register it as kit car or since the vehicle is already street legal in Illinois, then it should be a simple out of state car reg. for Cali?

    Thanks for the help!

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    CA reg.

    I did my caterham through the AAA, just drove it down there and got a vehicle vin verification, paid all the fees and they handed me my plates right there. I was either very lucky or it was just that easy!. BTW, my car had a current title from Pennsulvania and was registered as a 65 Lotus. Good luck.


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      Do you have the car yet?

      Post a picture or three if you have them, come out to the track in September. See the Events section.

      I think registration will be that simple, RAC Mini and Slomove are the experts on the out of state registration.

      The DMV or AAA should be able to tell you too.

      There are at least three other Seven owners not too far from Santa Monica. Morpho, New 2 7's, and Magnus. I'm just over the SM Mountains in Newbury Park

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        My case is a bit special because, while I bought my Birkin with a Florida title, it had an original valid CA title that I just had to resurrect. Actually I tried the AAA registration route but the Alhambra office sent me to the DMV because the car was a bit special and they did not know what to do. The DMV was O.K. with it.

        Otherwise, DMV has been clamping down on (sometimes fraudulent) out of state titles for some years and maybe RACmini was just lucky (not knowing the details). If you can not prove the provenance of the car as an original Lotus you may be out of luck, especially if the car is obviously modern.

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          Also note that the car *must* have at least 7500 miles on it to be able to be "imported" to California.
          Tom "ELV15" Jones


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            Thanks for the help. I will look into it with AAA and also DMV.
            Unless there are Birkins for sale in the similar price range around here in Cali?

            The one I'm talking about is in USA7s website.

            Visually it looks great. But then I'm in Santa Monica so I can only go by the pictures.