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Lost oil pressure and oil

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  • Lost oil pressure and oil

    I was out for a drive today and lost my oil pressure and oil somewhere along the 37 mile drive. Fortunately I'm running a dry sump system so I had enough oil in the system to get home without burning up the bearings "I think"???
    I'm running a 1700 crossflow motor.
    Biggest question, where do I start when I'm looking for the main oil leak, there is oil every where on the right side of the motor. I did a quick check of the block and it isn't cracked, I checked the coolant and it's clean, no visible oil spots.
    Should I do a full rebuild, with gaskets and bearings or will gaskets be enough once I find the leak?
    Or depending on the cost for part, should I pull and sell the motor and replace it with a Zetec?

    Los Angeles

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    Clean the entire area and check all the hoses for breaks or lose fittings. Check the oil filter to make sure it is tight. If you can not find an obvious source for the leak, refill the tank and run the engine (as briefly as possible). If you lost both pressure and oil, you should see the source of the leak pretty quickly.

    Dry sump or not, I would not run the car very long with zero oil pressure.


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      If the engine is damaged you'll know it.

      Lots of ugly noises.

      If there is oil left drain some out and it will be full of metal bits.

      If no strange noises or metal bits you might have lucked out and all you need to do is fix the leak and add oil.

      I don't know from first hand experience but believe Crossflows are getting a bit expensive to rebuild. A Zetec would be a reasonable replacement. Also compare the price to go Duratec.