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Finally solved my brake problems

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  • Finally solved my brake problems

    I've been dealing with a long, soft pedal for a while, and had resorted to double pumping it to get good braking. I've been bleeding the daylights out of it, and rebuilt the master cylinder to no avail.

    Doug had suggested that loose hubs might cause the rotors to wobble and push out the pads, so I tightened them. The other day I tried swerving a bit on the road. When I drive in a straight line the brakes remain firm, but after a few swerves they get soft. I tried tightening them a bit more. The wheels don't turn very easily, but voila!, now I've got a firm pedal! I'll replace the hubs, since I'm sure these are worn, and wearing harder now that they are so tight.

    Went to WSIR big track today, and other than overheating the car works great. Was nice to meet Chris and see John there. I'm too chicken to take turns 8 and 9 at speed, but the upper part is a blast!

    Thanks, Doug!


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    Am I correct that these are the rear wheels you are working on?

    Be careful on running with the rears too tight as if they get hot they can lock up. I've only known this to happen with the billet machined black hubs that Caterham supplied for a short while. The clearances weren't right. If your hubs are a casting with silver colored plating they are the good ones.

    Either for front or rear you can order just the bearings and replace them. The entire hubs are easier but more $. A bit of work to press the races out so I cannot say you are wasting your money to make it a bolt on fix.

    Be sure to torque the rear axle nuts correctly. 200 ft lbs is what the assembly guide says.

    As Clark Taylor found out, if the front wheel bearings have suddenly gotten loose, tightening them will not fix the problem for very long. Best to replace.

    If you haven't installed the upgraded front stub axles you might consider doing so instead of replacing wheel bearings. Upgraded hubs don't have a domed grease cap.

    The teams that race Sevens on the East Coast replace the wheel bearings at least every season.

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      It was the front hubs that I tightened. I have the upgraded front hubs and new rear hubs sitting in the garage, so when I have a free day I'll replace them. I'm just so happy to have most of the car sorted now. Or for now, I should say!



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        I recommend you replace the front bearings as soon as practical.

        Just be careful about getting them too tight.

        They shouldn't cause pad knock back but should turn freely.

        If driving the car check them to be sure they aren't getting too hot. They shouldn't be so hot you cannot touch them.



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          I'll make sure and change them before the next track day.

          Thanks, again,