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  • Eng Mgmt Calibration

    Hey guys. I recently bought the SV that Golden Gate was selling, and I'd really like to massage the engine maps. The thing is SO rich in most conditions that I'm afraid I'm washing the oil off the cylinder walls.

    I really hate to spend the $600 Pectel wants for the software for a (hopefully) one-time effort, so I'm looking for a shop that has that software and can dyno-tune the thing.

    I'm in the Central Coast (Paso Robles); any suggestions? Also, direct email responses at [email protected] may be more convenient.


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    You have mail regarding how to get the dyno software at a somewhat better price.

    You are more than welcome to join us at our upcoming dyno day in Chino, if you are willing to make the trip. See separate thread.

    If you post your engine specifications here, somebody may have a better map for you.

    Legal Disclaimer: Please note that you probably will blow your engine if you get the map totally wrong and take off at high loads. This is especially true for Zetecs with stock rods that usually shatter if the engine encounters detonation.

    /Magnus F.


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      Which pectel unit are you using? T2 or T6? If you can get your car to the dyno day that would be your best option.


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        I had the same problem w/ my car (Dunnell ECU FWIW), turned out I had a bad throttle position sensor. Installed and calibrated a new one a ($20 part) , problem solved....anyway, might be worth checking the TPS first, one that is bad and/or incorrectly calibrated can cause rich running throughout the range.