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Jack Placement for lifting my 7

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  • Jack Placement for lifting my 7


    My new tires, Toyo R888 185-60-13, are in. Question: Where do I place the auto floor jack to raise the car in the rear first, then the front? I do not want damage the AL finish.

    My 1995 model has unpainted body. Wings & Nose are BRG.

    Wings & nose are off, being repainted and the fiberglass cracks correected.

    Once I have raised the car where is the best place to put the Jack Stands in the front and rear of the car.

    I will bring the wheels to have the new tires put on the spoke wheels & spin balance with the sticky weights.

    I have a solid axle with the four speed. 1700 Kent engine.

    I have now started to polish the body with a twin head Cyclo Orbital Polisher with the Oxidation Scotch Brite Pads for Metal then the Green Pads using the four part polishing system. A slow process. I am told to do it right it takes 20-30 hours.

    I have my fuse system worked out. All electrical is now functional.

    Thanks for your help.


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    Download the Build manual from here

    Page 20 shows where to place the jackstands.

    Jack the front of the car up from the X in the middle. I use the DeDion center at the rear.
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