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Fuse Diagram for 1996 Model

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  • Fuse Diagram for 1996 Model

    I recently purchased a 1996 model with a 1700 Kent Engine.
    13" Wheels. 4 Speed. I would like an owners manual.
    Where to purchase or download?

    I need a diagram of the fuse box for this car.

    I need to replace the 13" tires for this car.
    What tires work best on this car for street use?

    Thank you,


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    Welcome Robert.

    A build manual is available at Caterham UK:

    I believe it has the current fuse setup and electrical diagram. My best advice for a -96 would be to search or ask at's tech section for whatever fuse you are looking for. Our colonial masters have a frightening knowledge of obscure Seven details and love to show off.

    There are very few 13" street tires out there. Two of them are the Kumho ECSTA V700 and V710. I ran through a set of Kumho ECSTA V700 (although 15") and were very happy with them. has a good spec sheet on them:

    I currently use V710 slicks on my 13" rims. They are sticky as hell (with the softest compound) but a bit heavy. However, their price in comparison with Hoosier and other race brands makes up for the weight.

    Avon have a specific street/track tire for the Seven, the CR500, which I've tried on Brad's car. I must admit I didn't really like them. They started giving out somewhat early (albeit predictably), and just gradually increased their skid as you stressed them. I'd rather have a tire that kept itself on track longer and then gave up with a shorter notice.
    Personal opinion, though.

    There is other 13" rubber out there (Falken maybe?), but I haven't driven them.

    /Magnus F.


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      There is also a build manual here:


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        TOYO ofers some good 13" tires as well. There is a gent in WI that sells used tires and has a surprisingly good selection if you want to try a few different alternatives. Before making a specific recommendation, how will you be using the car? Street only? Occasional track/autocross? etc.

        Welcome to our MAD world, Brad


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          For Avons...

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          Don't know what kind of supply either has on hand.
          A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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            Additional information on my 1996 model

            Hello: Thanks for all the help.
            I am downloading the construction book.

            My wheels are the stock 13 inch x 6 inch spoke type wheels.
            My driving will be 90 % road 10 % autocross.
            Present tires on the car are 185-60-13
            Can I also use a 195-60-13 on these rims?
            What size tires do you find to be best for my size wheels?

            My present problem today is that the Fuel Pump stopped working.
            I replaced a fuse for the Stop Lights; drove 3 miles and now there is no sounder from the fuel pump. Car engine turns over, just does not run with out the fuel pump working. Relay or fuse or pump?
            The end fuse, on the far right or passenger side was out, I replaced with a 15
            This was the one that was out. This fuse has been replaced before; there may be a short some place.
            There are two red wires that are not connected to anything.
            Maybe there is a way for me to post a digital photograph so this would be easier to show?

            Thanks again,



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              Your best bet is going to be the diagram in the construction book and an ohm meter! I found numerous things that did not match up to the diagram but with a bit of sleuthing with the meter, I was able to figure most of it out. It is also helpful to have some 8' jumper wires to work on bits that are far from each other. I have a set I made with alligator clips on each end.


              Tom "ELV15" Jones


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                You can attach photos as thumbnails by clicking on the little paper clip above the text editing area. In the window that pops up, click the topmost Browse... button and point out your digital photo file. Click upload and close the window with the button at the very bottom of the dialog.

                /Magnus F.


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                  I have the Fuse Box removed from the firewall.


                  I have followed all of your advice. Really a great help to me.

                  I found the previous owner had the Fuel pump & Accusump wired to the fuse box in a non correct fashion. The previous owner had each of these wires placed in the FRONT of the fuse box; he slid the wires on the bottom, and then place the fuse over the wire to hold them in place. Just waiting to fall out.

                  I used the diagram in the construction book to trace the wire out.
                  The diagram in the construction book shows a fuse holder with 14 fuses. My car has a fuse holder with 12 fuses. I label the wires as I go.

                  The car starts right up now when the wires are touched to the terminals.

                  I removed the fuse holder from the firewall.

                  I want to now install the Fuel pump & Accusump wires properly. What is the instrument I need to use to remove the connector from the Back of the Fuse Box so these can be applied correctly? I do not want to overload.

                  What size fuse do the Fuel pump & Accusump need to be connected to?
                  They were on the front side of a 15.

                  What opening is best to have these installed? Where were these originally?
                  Fuse location for a 1996 model.

                  Question about the Accusump, Do I need to have this running all the time?
                  It is connected to an on/off switch on the dash. The previous owner said he used the Accusump when 1st starting the car.

                  I called on the tires. The Tire Rack said they had a Sumitomo HTR 200 Tire in
                  185-60-13 & 195-60-13 my spoke wheels are 6 inch x 13 inch.
                  How have these Sumitomo HTR 200 tires worked on the 7?

                  On closer inspection I find more cracks in the fiberglass.

                  This car is turning into a larger project than I thought.

                  Good thing I enjoyed an Erector Set as a kid.



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                    Cracks in the fiberglass are normal. Sometimes they come that way from the factory.

                    The fiberglass wings and nosecone are wear items.

                    This gets worse if you do trackdays with softer compound tires, they pick up rocks and fling them against the wings.

                    Some people put a rubber coating inside the wings and I believe this will help. I think they use a spray or brush on bed liner. Check Blatchat for more info or see the resource section under wing attachments.


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                      I had my fenders coated with Line-X on the underside. I have ~15K miles on the car with no cracks so far! So it really seems to work.

                      I have also seen guys put a thin clear covering on the exposed part of the fenders to keep them from getting pitted. The stone guards only cover part of the impact area. If I end up replacing any fenders I will add this protection as it really seems to stop the pitting. In the UK it goes by the name Armorfend. I'm sure 3M or someone makes a similar product over here.
                      Tom "ELV15" Jones