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  • Starter wiring

    The thread subject is a play on words, because I am certain to have more questions soon, but for now...

    Three threaded studs protruding from Ford-branded starter/solenoid piggyback assembly: two larger brass-colored ones, facing forward, one inboard and one outboard, and a slightly smaller one at the bottom. The inboard brass-colored one is pre-equipped with a nut and washer, and has a lead connecting the motor and solenoid. In hindsight, it probably would have been a good idea to look for some markings in the vicinity of these threaded studs indicating their intended functions before installing the engine. :rolleyes: Oh well; moving on...

    One big red "hot" wire from the vehicle loom (FIA switch).
    One ground wire from the engine loom.
    One wire from the engine loom.

    So... what should connect to what?

    While I marvel at the power and convenience afforded me by electrics in modern life, I have been jacked over by it enough to fear it. Kinda like women, the ocean, or tequila. Any electrical advice will be MUCH appreciated.
    | | Sean

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    I'm not sure I understand your description.

    Generally you only need two connections. The large wire from the battery, in your case thru the FIA switch. One small wire from the ignition switch to the small stud. The ground is thru the engine block and starter housing.

    It sounds like your's is similar to mine, see attached photo. You want to connect the large wire to the large stud that does not have a wire leading to the motor.

    My starter has one large stud - power in from the battery, another large stud that is power out from the solinoid to the motor windings and then one small stud that is power in from the starter switch.

    Don't let the smoke out, although replacement is available it is usually difficult to get it back in.

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      Okay, so the big red wire marked "starter" from the vehicle loom to the currently unused large brown-ish stud, and the other unmarked wire from the vehicle loom to the smaller silver-ish stud (I completely botched the description - there is nothing indicating it as ground, and it is from the vehicle loom). Makes sense.

      My engine loom has a wire labeled "starter solenoid", though. Or maybe that one goes to the silver-sh stud, and the unmarked wire goes elsewhere?
      | | Sean


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        I believe you are correct, the smaller wire in the loom marked 'starter solinoid' should go to the small stud on the solinoid. It activates the solinoid when you turn the key.

        The big red wire should trace back to the + terminal of the battery.