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Widetrack brake lines

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  • Widetrack brake lines

    Can somebody with a widetrack setup let me know how long the front brake lines are?

    ....and if you have std brakes, do they use a banjo fitting, or do they screw directly into the caliper?

    Here is a pic of my current setup
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    Tom "ELV15" Jones

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    Brake lines including fittings are about 13" long or so. Distance from body to inside of caliper about 9". Fittings are the same as your photo. You should be ok w/ what you have, based on the photograph. My brake lines are stretched more taut than yours. Note that I have uprated calipers and the fitting on the caliper is horizontal, not vertical.
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      Thanks Chris. I think my car has lines from an "uprated brake/widetrack" setup. Looking at the pictures of the replacement lines on the RMSCI and sites, it looks like the "std brake/widetrack" lines have banjo fittings, so I was thinking that my setup might be wrong.

      ...and now I have a widetrack set of wishbones, but need to figure out the brake line situation before I fit them.
      Tom "ELV15" Jones