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Need Alternator Part Number for Zetec 2.0 LTR

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  • Need Alternator Part Number for Zetec 2.0 LTR

    Does anyone know a part number of an alternator that fits the Zetec 2.0 LTR?

    The Bosch alternator I bought conflicts with the throttle cable linkage.

    I need to find an alternator that is about 0.75" smaller in diameter.

    The alternator would use the standard bracket, on the intake side.

    Thanks in advance...

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    I suspect that any alternator that fits the stock bracket will be in the same size case, so you won't gain the space you are looking for.

    The best replacement alternator for a Seven I've found is from:

    Woody Harris
    742 East Main St.
    Vacaville, CA 95688

    He sells a complete kit to install a small Nippondenso 50 or 55 amp alternator on a ZX3 Zetec. If fits my SVT motor fine too.

    Less total weight, less rotating mass, etc.

    The kit is not difficult to install but some bits fit close.



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      Doug, Do you know what the weight savings might be? And the cost? TIA Brad


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        Stock alternator about 14 lbs.

        Nippondenso about 7 lbs.

        Both weighed at the Post Office.

        I don't know the weight of the mounting bracket but it was much heavier than Woody's kit.

        So maybe you save 10 to 12 lbs.

        Check with Woody on the cost. It does include the alternator which I believe is new.

        Also a remachined front cover



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          Thanks, Guys for the quick replies. Got a reply on USA7s that a Geo Metro alternator would work too.

          Turns out, the guy who is building my engine decided to try to make the alternator work, maybe by modding the bracket.

          Will follow up...


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            The GEO Metro alternator (also used in Suzuk Swift and other cars) is the one in the kit from MSI (Birkensport).

            It does look different than the one in the photo on your link.

            It may work as a one wire without the jumper too.

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              Don't forget to see if it's, ahem, 'self exciting' or whether you have to connect it back to the ignition (I think that's where the wire goes).
              A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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                Picture number 3 is trying to show where the wire goes to make it like a one wire alternator.

                There are other subilties involved too - if you need a sense wire it should be mounted so that the voltage it detects is such that the alternator puts out the proper voltage. This is an issue on some installations that have high current draws from the battery. Not been one with my Seven.

                And I am at the limit of what I know about the issue. Ask Gert or search the web.



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                  What, me?

                  Yes I have a 3-wire Geo thingy (4-wire including the fat one) but no I don't have real issues with it. The charging was shaky for a while until I found the thick wire was rattling in its terminal. I also repaired or redesigned the bracket 4 times. Going with a proven kit has some advantage.

                  I connected the sense wire to the main 40-amp fuse and the 12V excitation to the injector positive wire. This gives a pretty stable voltage. However, for our low-amp cars a 1-wire or 2-wire is probably just fine

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